Mitsubishi to unveil 2D 3D and hybrid lasers and press brake technology at Fabtech

Mitsubishi, Wood Dale, Ill., is going to unveil the eX, one of its most productive and efficient 2D laser machines at Fabtech.

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Mitsubishi, Wood Dale, Ill., is going to unveil the eX, one of its most productive and efficient 2D laser machines, at Fabtech. Replacing a successful laser series, the eX delivers low running costs, eco-friendly features for power and gas consumption, and stable operation for up to 1.4 times greater productivity.

The eco mode cuts running costs by up to 90 percent during standby. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by around 30% compared to competitor machines. The machine’s new compact design provides a small footprint without reducing table size.

Also on display will be the VZ Series, Mitsubishi’s new 3D laser series, offering the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility for users across a wide range of complex applications. The unique flexibility of these 5- and 6-axis systems, combined with expanded teaching functions and Mitsubishi’s superior resonator technology, make them extremely powerful tools. They decrease the time and manpower required to produce complex parts, and provide a great degree of accuracy and cost efficiency.

The NX machine, designed for speed, will also be showcased. The machine’s new structural configuration allows increased G-force, giving it unmatched speed while keeping the highest possible accuracy. The new height sensor is twice as fast as previous machines.

Mitsubishi Laser’s patented CFR (Cross Flow Resonator) technology reduces rise time/fall time of square wave pulse. This provides a more consistent beam power during the cutting process and delivers a more brilliant and consistent edge quality. Additionally, the uniform low current discharge provides low power stability for improved micro-machining and etching.

The Mitsubishi Waterjet combines the flexibility of Waterjet with the precision of Mitsubishi. Software on the 4-axis DX510 features Intelligent Tapering Control, which corrects the natural tapering of the cut automatically. Through the CNC, it inclines the water jet up to ± 2 degrees while pointing the jet towards the cutting direction. This process allows for the optimum cutting speed in a contour with accurate wall straightness.

Mitsubishi offers a full range of sizes and features guaranteeing the right solution for any shop’s needs. The Diamond press brake series is a new line of large, affordable brakes, accommodating weights ranging from 40 to 2,000 tons and offering three to more than 11-axis capabilities.

Two new hybrid press brakes will also be on display. The BB4013 is a compact machine with a ball-screw-driven ram and high-speed back gauge – offering 40 metric tons of force with one-micron repeatability. The hybrid BH1353 offers a larger stroke, more speed and hydraulic power.

“Much like our customers’ needs, our product lineup is always evolving and growing,” comments Bill Isaac, VP of Mitsubishi Laser. “We are excited about the recent addition of gantry lasers, which will allow us to meet the needs of large part fabricators. The Tanaka line is highly reputable and an excellent product and it is a perfect fit for our product family.”

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