LIA presents ultra short pulse laser micromachining talks

Nashua, N.H. – The Northeast Regional Chapter of the Laser Institute of America will meet here April 20, 2011, to feature talks on "Ultra Short Pulse Laser Micromachining."

Nashua, N.H. – The Northeast Regional Chapter of the Laser Institute of America will meet here April 20, 2011, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel to feature "Ultra Short Pulse Laser Micromachining."

Invited speakers are:
Dr. Ronald D. Schaeffer, CEO of PhotoMachining, will give an introduction and short general discussion on short pulse laser processing.

Dr. Sascha Weiler, program manager for micro processing at Trumpf Inc., will give an overview of industrial applications where ultrafast lasers are already used as workhorses in production.

Dr. Michael Mielke, chief scientist at Raydiance, will explain the differences between laser processing formats, highlight applications, give examples of ultrafast laser capabilities, and detail the laser solutions in micro-fabrication industry.

Mr. Sidney Wright, DPSS business development manager at RPMC Lasers Inc., will review unique "burst-mode" operation of a ps laser that provides enhanced edge and surface quality and increased material removal rates up to 10X or more.

Dr. William Clark, president/CEO/chairman of the board and founder of Clark-MXR Inc., a manufacturer of femtosecond pulse duration lasers and workstations, will focus on ultrashort pulse laser technology and some of the neat things that can be done with it.

Meeting agenda
3:00 – 4:30 – Plant tour of PhotoMachining (advanced reservations must be made). If you are interested in the afternoon plan tour, please indicate so on your RSVP. This tour will take about half an hour and will be done in smaller groups. The tour will include short pulse laser processing demos as well as other laser-related demos.
5:00 – 6:00 – Crowne Plaza - Cash bar and schmoozing (with cheese & crackers)
6:00 – 8:30 – Dinner and invited talks

A buffet style dinner will be served. Cost is $40 per person for LIA individual or corporate members and $45 per person for non-members. Please register early as organizers expect this event to be "sold out."

Please RSVP to Ronald Schaeffer ( or call ph 603-882-9944.

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