High power micromachining laser

Coherent launches AVIA high power UV laser for microelectronics manufacturing.

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Santa Clara, CA - The newest AVIA micromachining laser from Coherent Inc. reportedly delivers the highest power commercially available at its wavelength and repetition rate. Specifically, the AVIA 355-33 offers 33 W of output at 355 nm (at 110 kHz). This high power translates directly into increased production efficiency, thus lowering cost per part.

The AVIA™ family of lasers has a long track record of highly reliable, 24/7 operation in microelectronics manufacturing and offers several features specifically designed to enhance its processing capabilities and minimize long-term COO. These include ThermEQ™, PulseEQ™, and PulseTrack™, which enable precise control of the delivered pulse energy, allowing the OEM to define and optimize their laser process. The laser also has an automated harmonic crystal shifter to maintain constant output power for >20,000 hours and to maximize lifetime. In addition, the laser’s unique Posilock™ beam position sensor and feedback loop results in very high beam position stability over the life of the laser, thereby ensuring process consistency.

The AVIA 355-33 is targeted at a wide range of demanding, high-throughput microelectronics fabrication applications. Typical examples include via-hole drilling in printed circuit boards and flip chips and dicing and scribing of silicon wafers containing low-k dielectric materials.

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