Powerlase high power infrared laser installed in Japan for EUV work

The 1.6 kW, 1064 nm laser has been set up at the Tokyo Institute of Technology to continue its research on generation of EUV light.

Crawley, UK - Powerlase Photonics Ltd, a high power laser company focused on powerful nanosecond Q-switched diode pumped solid state lasers, has announced the shipment and installation of a high power, high energy 1.6 kW, 1064 nm laser at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

Developed for industrial applications primarily for use in the materials processing and microelectronics markets, the 1.6 kW laser can supply pulse energy in excess of 250 mJ with a repetition rate up to 20 kHz. In the application of this laser, Prof. Kazuhiko Horioka, of the Department of Energy Sciences at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, will continue his research on the generation of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light.

"With the installation of our top of the range IR 1.6 kW laser in the Tokyo Institute of Technology for EUV research, Powerlase Photonics is demonstrating once again its international leadership on high power high energy Q-switch DPSS lasers," says Antoine Kasprzak, sales manager for Powerlase Photonics.

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