Lasers for microprocessing and marking

V-Gen is offering a broad CW and pulsed fiber-laser portfolio that includes Q-switched, and tunable pulse duration MOPA products.

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Tel Aviv, Israel - V-Gen, an Israeli fiber-laser company, has been successfully selling lasers to the Asian and European markets since 2004. They are now producing more than 1000 lasers annually and have an installed base of more than 7000 units.

Dr. Eran Inbar, CEO, has recently launched a concerted effort to expand business in North America, focusing on micro-material processing and precision marking/engraving applications. "Our market experience and strong product portfolio positions us to now seek new business opportunities in North America."

V-Gen offers a broad CW and pulsed fiber-laser portfolio that includes both Q-switched, and tunable pulse duration (1-300 ns) MOPA products. Available wavelengths are 1900-2100 nm, 1550 nm (LIDAR), 1064 nm, and 532 nm, with plans to add UV soon. Pulsed power levels range from 5 to 50 W average, with up to 40 kW of peak power available. Recognizing the value of process testing, V-Gen operates a very active application development lab in order to optimize its offering to the various users' needs.

"Over the next several months, we will be meeting and listening to potential customers in North America to understand their needs and to introduce them to our products and capabilities," Inbar adds.

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