Galvanometer scan heads

Scanlab AG launches new III-series scan heads.

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Puchheim, Germany - Scanlab AG is broadening its product palette with the SCANcube III, hurrySCAN III and intelliSCAN®III series of galvanometer scan heads.

These systems are useful for industrial applications such as labeling, marking, materials processing and microprocessing. The SCANcube series' dependability has been boosted further thanks to reduced thermal discharge.

The new scan heads utilize Scanlab's recently introduced dynAXIS 3 series of galvanometers with analog position detectors and exceptionally low drift. With integrated temperature control, they offer very low drift values for analog angular detectors.

Scan heads with these new galvanometers are available immediately. The popular SCANcube, hurrySCAN and intelliSCAN scan head series are now joined by the new SCANcube III , hurrySCAN III and intelliSCAN III series. Thanks to innovative galvanometers and improved electronics, these scan heads from SCANLAB offer worldwide reference-setting accuracy and speed for systems with analog detectors.

Scanlab AG is an independent OEM manufacturer of scan solutions for deflecting and positioning laser beams in three dimensions.

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