Solid-state femtosecond laser

Jenoptik will introduce the JenLasD2.fs at Photonics West 2013.

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Jena, Germany - Jenoptik will present the diode-pumped solid state JenLasD2.fs femtosecond laser at Photonics West in San Francisco on Feb. 5-7, 2013.

The femtosecond laserJenLas®D2.fs has optimized performance features for medical applications. Designed for operation at pulse repetition rates as high as 200 kHz combined with perfect beam characteristics, it is capable of generating microstructures in organic tissue without causing any relevant thermic heat input.

Thin-disc laser technology provides the basis for flexible adaptation to performance requirements.

Applications include high precision micromachining (e.g., stents cutting), thin film ablation, microsurgery, and spectroscopy. Features include OEM design for integration. Water- and air cooled version is available. High repetition rate is up to 200 kHz and high pulse energy is up to 40 uJ. It is designed for integration into laser devices (laser class 4, according to DIN EN 60825).

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