Air-cooled picosecond lasers

RPMC Lasers introduces APL-X series of industrial picosecond lasers from Attodyne.

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O'Fallon, MO - RPMC Lasers Inc. has released the APL-X series of industrial picosecond lasers from Attodyne Inc.

This air-cooled laser will provide up to 10 W of average power with <10 ps pulses and repetition rates from single shot to 1 MHz. At 100 kHz the laser will provide 100 uJ of pulse energy with up to 200 uJ available at lower repetition rates. The APL-X also provides good beam quality with an M² <1.3.

This laser can also be provided with harmonic wavelengths of 532 nm and 355 nm. The user can either get a single wavelength output or can have the unit configured to output multiple wavelengths which will be dispersed through different output ports. The user will have the ability to switch between the wavelengths via the remote serial port or front panel user interface.

The APL-X will be equipped with pulse burst and packet mode giving greater machining control, and the ability to increase the removal rate of some material.

The laser head measures 13.19" x 19.65" x 7.36" while the control module measures 15.74" x 15.74" x 7.4". The laser head and control module are connected by a fully detachable umbilical that can be provided up to 10 m in length.

Typical applications for these lasers include: micromachining, wafer repair, TFT repair, microscopy, DNA analysis, machining of thin films, spectroscopy, marking, dicing/scribing, nonlinear optics, and laser deposition.

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