Laser scribing and cutting packaging materials

Parkside Flexibles (Europe) Ltd has installed new laser scribing and cutting technology at its facility.

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Normanton, Wakefield, UK - Parkside Flexibles (Europe) Ltd, a flexographic printer and specialized laminating company that has been supplying custom packaging to the tobacco industry for more than 40 years, has installed new laser technology at its facility here.

The new laser unit at Parkside is a versatile "contour" unit that is capable of laser scribing and laser cutting a wide range of materials to a specified depth and shape. The laser equipment was purchased from the American company Preco Inc., Somerset, WI, which specializes in laser technology. It was purchased to satisfy the requirement for easy opening packs from one of Parkside's customers. The scribe produces an easy opening system on packaging and creates resealable packs when used in conjunction with a pressure sensitive adhesive / zipper.

Parkside purchased the machine approximately one year ago, and it was installed and commissioned in late January of this year. The laser machine has three CO2 lasers, with each laser split into two beams to give six laser scribes / scores in total across the web. It is infinitely configurable and allows the company the option of forming any shape for use as an easy opening feature on customers packs.

This equipment is the first of its kind in the UK and has been located in a purpose-built, positive-pressurized unit within Parkside’s existing facility. The investment in this new machinery adds to the company’s existing capabilities and expertise in high quality flexographic print, multilayer laminations (including unsupported aluminum foil), coatings, and label systems.

The new laser unit has now been commissioned, and products are being supplied for packing at sites in the UK and overseas.

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