Thin film scribing

Electro Scientific Industries Inc. has introduced its model 9970 ultrafast laser scribing system.

Portland, OR - Electro Scientific Industries Inc. has introduced its ultrafast laser scribing system, the model 9970. This new system has a newly developed ultra-fast laser scribing solution built on the company's 9900 platform. This capability supports the semiconductor industry in its move towards new materials and smaller technology nodes, enabling chipmakers to build faster devices and deliver next-generation computing power.

The 9970 will be used initially for process development and later for high-volume manufacturing, to remove metal layers and fragile materials from the dicing streets. Successful removal of these materials without damaging the underlying device allows for efficient singulation of the wafer and higher back-end yield.

"The 9970 combines the material removal qualities of a high-pulse-rate laser with ESI's high-accuracy ultra-fast beam steering technology," stated Nick Konidaris, CEO of ESI. "We have begun technology development with some of the world's largest chip manufacturers. This product introduction marks the beginning of a key initiative to extend this next generation of laser technology to the area of semiconductor manufacturing, which will improve yield and lower chip costs."

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