3D-Micromac expands laser micromachining support with America headquarters

Laser micromachining specialist 3D-Micromac is expanding with its new 3D-Micromac America headquarters in San Jose, CA.

Laser micromachining specialist 3D-Micromac (Chemnitz, Germany) is expanding its global infrastructure with the opening of its new 3D-Micromac America headquarters in San Jose, CA. Serving as both an applications lab and sales and support facility, the office marks the company's first major presence in North America and will allow them to better meet rising customer demand for its laser micromachining products across all of its served markets, including solar, semiconductor, MEMS, display, and smart glass.

According to Daniel Weber, sales and business development manager for 3D-Micromac America, the new facility will allow the company to provide customer evaluations, applications development, and small-scale contract manufacturing to wafer dicing technology suppliers.

For more information, please visit http://3d-micromac.com.

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