SST adds Synova Laser MicroJet systems to product offering

Single Source Technologies has partnered with Synova to distribute the Laser MicroJet machines through its sales channel.

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Machining tool and electrical discharge machining (EDM) supplies distributor Single Source Technologies (SST; Auburn Hills, MI) has entered into an exclusive agreement with Synova (Ecublens, Switzerland) to distribute Synova's Laser MicroJet (LMJ) M-series of 3- and 5-axis machines through its sales channel. In addition to sales distribution, the partnership also extends to technical and after-sales support. Other machine models, such as the L-Series, will also be offered.

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Synova's MCS 300 3-axis system.

The LMJ technology reduces total cost of ownership in high-precision material processing. The water-guided laser beam cuts and drills parallel and clean kerfs or holes with virtually no heat impact to improve production yields. Also, post-laser process steps are frequently eliminated.

Content Dam Ils Online Articles 2016 06 373479 Web
The Laser MicroJet technology's water-guided laser beam cuts and drills parallel and clean kerfs or holes.

The MCS 500 5-axis system (manufactured by Makino and also available in the MCS 300 3-axis version) has uses in hole drillling and micromachining metals, ceramics, and composite materials with high precision. Applications cut across a wide range of market segments, such as aerospace, energy (industrial gas turbines), defense, medical, automotive, hard-material toolmaking, and general metal micromachining. Other sizes for larger work pieces will be considered in the future.

Synova's collaboration with Makino started several years ago and has evolved ever since, says Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, Synova founder and CEO. Mark Logan, director of Makino/SST, adds that the Laser MicroJet offers unique laser cutting capabilities that complement the company's machining and engineering portfolios, such as coupling it with the EDBV series of EDM machines to enable drilling a complete blade with optimum output, including drilling of non-line-of-sight holes.

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