Deep-UV laser system

The ABLASER-DUV laser system uses a short-pulse DUV laser to provide a small focal spot diameter (10 micrometers).

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The ABLASER-DUV deep-ultraviolet (DUV) laser system from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machine Tool, Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) uses a short-pulse DUV laser to provide a smaller focal spot diameter (10µm) while maintaining a long depth of focus, enabling uses in high-precision micromachining and drilling applications. Features include a short-pulse oscillator for rapid firing of the laser light, the same optical head on the company's other ABLASER products, and a high-precision lens and prism to refract and rotate the laser beam at will. Since the photon energy of a DUV laser is large, it works with materials such as glass and compound semiconductors that were previously hard to process.

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