PFC Flexible Circuits expands service offerings with laser micromachining

PFC Flexible Circuits has added a laser micromachining system from ESI to expand its flexible circuit manufacturing capabilities.

Scarborough, ON, Canada - Flexible circuit assembly supplier PFC Flexible Circuits has selected laser micromachining solutions company Electro Scientific Industries' (ESI; Portland, OR) Model 5335 laser processing system to expand its high-density interconnect (HDI) flexible circuit manufacturing capabilities.

The laser processing system will allow the company to make smaller, blind, and buried vias, and to cut smaller features in HDI circuits for consumer and medical devices and military and aerospace applications, according to Steve Kelly, the company's president of PFC Flexible Circuits.

Anish Somaiya, VP of PFC Flexible Circuits, adds that the system will update the company's drilling technology without losing throughput, as well as save floor space.

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