Synova wins inaugural order for waterjet-guided laser for low-k wafer dicing

September 12--U.S. chipmaker first to order LDS 300 for tackling dicing challenges associated with low-k wafers

September 12--Synova (Lausanne, Switzerland) announced today that it has received an order for its Laser Dicing System (LDS) 300 from a leading provider of semiconductor solutions for advanced network services based in California. Not only does this mark Synova's first order from this chipmaker, but it signifies the first time the LDS 300 will be deployed for low-k wafer laser dicing. The tool is slated for installation at the customer's fab in Malaysia later this fall.

Synova President and CEO, Dr. Bernold Richerzhagen, says, "We are very pleased to have received this order, which underscores the growing market acceptance of our proprietary waterjet-guided laser solution and the versatility of this technology in being abale to address a wide array of applications, including the dicing of fragile, low-k wafers."

According to Richerzhagen, Synova's LDS 300 went through a rigorous evaluation and qualification process against other competing cutting technologies. This included out-distancing the incumbent sawing technology currently employed for other wafer dicing applications at the chipmaker's fab as well as other (dry) lasers. The LDS 300's demonstrated damage-free dicing, high yield, repeatability, low CoO, and comprehensive service support were all key factors motivating the purchasing decision.

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