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Industrial DPSSL

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Bavarian Photonics GmbH (Munich, Germany; www. member of the TuiLaser Group-has rounded off its product portfolio of Aion Industrial-V laser (based on Nd:YVO4 ) by adding the Aion Industrial 532-12-V. The laser offers a pulsewidth of about 16 ns at 30 kHz. Furthermore, the laser shows a superior beam quality of M2<1.4, pulse to pulse stability of <3% rms at 30 kHz, and precise power control. It is available in different models, currently offering a choice of three average power levels of 4, 8, and 12 watts. The lasers are named Aion Industrial 532-4-V, Aion Industrial 532-8-V, and Aion Industrial 532-12-V.

Typical applications for this laser source are flip chip/wafer marking, PCB structuring, flat-panel patterning, scribing, cutting, fine circuit trimming, thin film scribing, high-speed photo illumination, solar cell structuring, solar edge isolation, or solar cell LFC.

Recirculating chillers

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Designed and engineered to optimize process protection, PolyScience 5000 and 6000 series recirculating chillers from PolyScience (Niles, IL; www. feature adjustable temperature, pressure, and flow rate alarms that instantly alert the user to problems-such as blocked cooling lines overload conditions-that could damage equipment or compromise precision. These high-performance chillers are capable of maintaining process temperatures from -10°C to up to +70°C with ±0.1°C stability and are available with 1/4 to 1 HP compressors. Standard features include extra-large temperature and pressure/flow rate digital readouts, one-touch temperature control, and ambient temperature tracking capability. Each chiller is equipped with a quick-fill reservoir with fluid-level indicator, easy-access fluid filter, and removable and washable air filter.

DPSS laser sources

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To round out its line of DPSS laser sources, GSI Lumonics Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI; has announced the Spectron SLD6000 series of low-power, end-pumped, diode-pumped, solid-state lasers. The series offers a range of output powers from 5 W to 10 W, utilizing conduction-cooled diode bars for optimal reliability and cost effectiveness. Designed for applications such as marking, trimming, scribing, and micromachining on materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and many polymers, the SLD6000 series offers a number of options, including choice of Nd:YAG or Nd:YVO4 lasing media, water- or air-cooled configurations, and direct or fiber-coupled options with field-replaceable diodes on the fiber-coupled units for reduced maintenance and increased uptime.

Stencil cutter

Using the Laser-Microjet technology and a fiber laser source, Synova S.A. (Ecublens, Switzerland; offers a second type of stencil cutter designed to provide thin stencil and metal mask manufacturers with an ultra-high speed tool. The LSS 800 F cuts from 1 to 10 holes per second without any heat damage, burrs, or oxidation. The laser emits at a repetition rate between 20 kHz and 50 kHz and with a pulse duration measured in nanoseconds. According to the company, the fiber lasers have high pulse-to-pulse stability, are compact, have high efficiency, are robust, and are maintenance free.

Dual-beam lasers

The design of the Dual Beam series from PRC Laser (Landing, NJ; www. allows multiple beam outputs to be generated from a single laser source. The dual-beam is designed to generate individual beam outputs, which can be controlled independent of each other. By using a dual-beam source, end users can have a single laser source integrated into their system, which has the same functionality as multiple low-power sources. According to the company, the product is well suited for cutting, welding, perforating, slitting, micromachining, and web-based laser processing of materials where multiple beams are required.

Inventory management system

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The open architecture design of FastPic4 inventory management and control software from FastPic Systems (Westbrook, ME; allows it to work seamlessly with most ERP systems in conjunction with metalworking storage and retrieval operations. Reportedly, the ERP interface capability helps metalworking users benefit from real-time inventory status, detailed management reports, increased storage and retrieval throughput, and improved picking accuracy without the costs associated with the installation of a warehouse management system.

Brushless servo motors

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New from Bodine Electric Company (Chicago, IL;, e-TORQ direct drive brushless DC servo motors employ an electromagnetic design to improve efficiency, minimize size, and maximize torque. The motors reportedly are ideal for OEMs where high torque, compact design, enclosed construction, and economy are necessary. The ironless stator of the motors eliminates iron saturation common to most other types of motors and allows the motor to run smoothly at extremely low speeds. The lack of iron saturation provides maximum torque linearity, meaning that torque is consistent from very low to very high speeds without cogging or velocity fluctuations.

Diode laser modules

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As an interesting alternative to the standard cross laser created by two cylinder lenses and lasers, Laser ComponentsIG Inc. (Hudson, NH; offers diode laser modules with a diffractive element attachment that produces a cross. The basic Flexpoint diode laser module is used together with a choice of circular or elliptical beam profiles. Attached, either permanently or simply plugged on, a diffractive cross optic is added as a simple accessory. The fan angle of the cross is 30°, thus producing a cross with a line length of approximately 55 cm, 1 meter away. The optics are optimized for 650 nm, and output powers of the module range from 1 mW to 20 mW.

Gas management system

A microprocessor-controlled automatic switchover system incorporating software technology that allows users to select the most efficient, cost-effective gas mode and reduce residual gas returns has been introduced by CONCOA (Virginia Beach, VA; The IntelliSwitch, well suited for process and metal fabrication industries, including lasers, and various specialty gas applications, is a gas delivery system with an electronic “brain” providing for universal input compatibility. Reportedly, the push of a button allows for interchangeable service from high-pressure cylinders to cryogenic liquid cans. Users can change supply mode based on the workload at hand and prevailing cost economics of the gas products.

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