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Cutting system
Mitsubishi Laser (Wood Dale, IL) has expanded its line of CO2 lasers with the LV laser series. The LV laser system is offered in three sizes: 2512 (4 x 8), 3015 (5 x 10) and 3718 (6 x 12). Features include enhancements to the company's patented cross-flow resonator, full network and automation capability and a single-piece, ultra-rigid Dianite cast machine system. The new AC smart servo direct-drive system provides improved cutting accuracy and high-speed positioning. The programmable high assist gas pressure automatic function eliminates the need to make manual settings. Dross reduction control command uses real-time advanced NC program "look ahead" technology to determine maximum processing speed based on material, thickness and part geometry. The minimal warm-up time, 45 seconds from resonator off to full output power, increases optimization and productivity. The 20 CF (cross-flow) resonators offer 2000 watts of output power and the 35 CF offers 3600 watts. Also new with this series is the company's Diamond Path beam delivery system, which automatically adjusts the beam path to create a consistent beam travel distance from the resonator to the processing head.
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Heat sinks
Therma-Vent heat sinks from Thermacore International Inc. (Lancaster, PA) utilize enhanced fin technology to increase the heat sink surface area and create turbulent airflow to disperse heat more efficiently. The company's new rolled and slit fin technology maximizes surface area, thus increasing the flow of heat from the chip into the local ambient air. Brazed attachment of the fins to the base ensures mechanical and thermal joint integrity and minimizes the chance of cracks forming over time, as can happen with an epoxy bond.
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Nd:YAG laser
Jasper, from New Wave Research (Fremont, CA), is a compact diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser that is ideal for microelectronics trimming and repair, shorting-bar cutting and LCD panel repair. The laser offers repetition rates from 100 Hz to 10 KHz with an output power greater than 2.5Ωat 10 KHz. Jasper also incorporates a stable resonator design that promotes excellent beam quality with TEM00 spatial mode at 1064 nm. The system measures 13.7 x 4.5 x 4.3 inches. A motorized optical attenuator that provides precise energy control without degrading pulse-to-pulse stability is available as an option.
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Optical system
The CrystalLas excimer laser-based optical system from MicroLas (Fort Lauderdale, FL) is designed for the annealing and crystallization of thin silicon films used in the fabrication of thin film transistors for organic light emitting diode displays and active-matrix LCDs. These films can be applied for MOS processes common in microelectronics. The system consists of an advanced UV (308nm) optical imaging system that utilizes a Lambda Physik LPX 210 excimer laser for R&D, or a Lambda Physik Lambda Steel 670 or 1000 excimer laser for production. Benefits of the system include two-micron lines and spaces resolution, high energy density handling capability, homogenous energy density profile, large area illumination, proven long optics lifetimes and system versatility for the integration into a variety of manufacturing or R&D process development tools.
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Vibration control
Designed for use in small labs and other tight spaces where external vibrations adversely affect the operation of sensitive equipment, the LabMate 9211 series of Personal Vibration Isolation Workstations from Kinetic Systems (Boston, MA) accommodates loads up to 440 pounds. The series is Class 100 cleanroom compatible, with Class 10 available as an option. Tabletops are 24-inches deep with three widths ranging from 24 inches to 35 inches. Standard tabletops are constructed of VibraDamped steel with either stainless steel or plastic laminate.
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Air cleaner
The dual-arm attachment for the TM 1000 TaskMaster air cleaner from Micro Air Clean Air Systems (Wichita, KS) enables a single portable air-cleaning unit to remove harmful pollutants from two workstations at once. The dual articulated arms are eight-feet long and three inches in diameter. The "Lift-Off" attachment connection enables the operator to switch the dual-arm attachment with other attachments.
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Q-switched CO2 laser
Coherent-DEOS (Bloomfield, CT) has introduced the Diamond GEM Z-400, reportedly the first industrial Q-switched CO2 laser for drilling and micromachining applications. The product produces 15W average power at 50 kHz repetition rate and 9.25 microns wavelength. It features 2.5kW peak power with pulsewidths controllable to less than 150 ns, peak pulse energies to more than 400 microJoules and repetition rates to 150 kHz. With its RF-excited waveguide oscillator sealed in an all-metal housing, the laser has been optimized for demanding manufacturing environments.
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FAP diode laser
Coherent Inc., Semiconductor Division (Santa Clara, CA) has introduced a line of high-power 40W fiber array packaged (FAP) bars in the 780 to 815 nm wavelength range. The products are intended for direct-diode thermal applications and as a pump source for neodymium-doped solid-state lasers. The laser energy from the fiber-coupled diode laser is efficiently coupled into an 800-micron multimode fiber bundle, terminated with an SMA 905 connector. Typical drive current for the 40W FAP is less than 55 amps. Spectral width is typically less than 4 nm FWHM, and beam divergence is less than 0.14 NA, encompassing 90 percent of the energy.
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Diode-pumped lasers
Edmund Industrial Optics (Barrington, NJ) offers diode-pumped solid-state lasers in four different wavelengths. The three wavelengths available in the Visible series—405nm (violet), 475nm (blue) and 532nm (bright green)—offer a simple, low-cost design that is well suited to numerous applications, including spectroscopy, holography, wafer inspection, micro-material processing, metrology and more. Nd:YVO4 lasers operating at a wavelength of 1064nm can be used for optical trapping, wafer inspection, material processing and more. Features include typical lifetimes of 10,000 hours, beam attenuator, six-foot coaxial cable terminated with a 9-pin D-connector and power supply with all applicable CDRH safety features.
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The FRM series enclosures from Electrografics Int'l Corp. (Warminster, PA) provide a sealed 19-inch rackmount cabinet that enables installation of sensitive electronic components in harsh environments. A clear, scratch-resistant polycarbonate window front door offers viewing of equipment, controls and displays. A full-length metal door is also available. Standard features include an all-welded 12-gauge steel frame, five-inch locking casters, built-in surge suppressor with a nine-foot power cord and split panel for exit of cables.
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Sensor control
By plugging SmartPlug, from Turck Inc. (Plymouth, MN), into your sensor or switch, you can add control functions such as timing, counting, output converting and speed monitoring. Approximately two inches in length, the product is connected to quick-disconnect style sensors between the cable and the sensor. Programming is done through a "teach" input device. Four functions are available-inverters, timer, counter and speed monitor-useful for any three-wire DC devices. The product can be combined in a series to provide multiple functions.
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Linear motion products
A 176-page catalog-"Linear Motion Products Catalog, H834"-from Techno-Isel (New Hyde Park, NY) features more than 1100 components. The catalog features four sections: a comprehensive technical section, linear/rotary position systems, electronic controls and software. The catalog is available free upon request.
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The highly specialized Class II SLS 7000 Specular Reflective Sensor from LMI Selcom (Southfield, MI) has a 10nm over a 1mm measurement range, fast 16kHz sample rate with patented "Fast Light Control Circuit" and features a 10- to 20-micron visible laser spot that enables profiling of intricate target structures such as miniscule cracks and grooves. The sensor has a built-in digital processor for data averaging and filtering, which is contained in a separate controller unit that interfaces with the sensor head.
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Laser fume extraction guide
Hi-Tech UK (Rotherham, U.K.) has released a brochure describing the Laserex range of systems designed to extract and purify contaminated air from laser coding, marking, welding, etching and cutting operations. The brochure offers a guide to laser processes, details relevant solutions and shows expected filter life information.
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Volume marking
Vision Engraving Systems' (Phoenix, AZ) Miroll high-speed galvo laser system features a variety of motor-driven fixtures for marking parts in volume.
Fixtures include X-Y positioning tables and rotary attachments that are fully integrated with the laser system. The machines have quick-change fixturing, which provides maximum job throughput. The rotary attachment can be customized for engraving multiple lines on batches of pens or other cylindrical items. Models are available in 10 through 100 watts.
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Recirculating chiller
Lytron Inc. (Woburn, MA) has introduced its third generation of Kodiak recirculating chillers, which include the following improvements. The unit's cooling capacity has been increased by as much as 20 percent over the capacity of corresponding second-generation models. The new chiller has more programmable features. The standard controller includes auto restart, an audible fault alarm with a mute button and a pressure-indicating button, which displays the pump pressure for accurate monitoring.
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