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Th 97820
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Industrial DPSS laser
The HIPPO (high–intensity peak power oscillator) from Spectra–Physics (Mountain View, CA) is reportedly the first diode–pumped solid–state laser optimized for micromaching of metals, semiconductors and polymer materials. The lasers deliver a combination of short pulse length (< 15ns at 40Hz), high output power (> 17 W at 1064 nm) and exceptional beam quality (M2 < 1.2). The product is available with output at 1064 nm, frequency doubled to 532 nm (> 11 W) and frequency tripled to 355 nm (> 4.5 W). Both the laser doubling and tripling modules are compact, rugged, hermetically sealed units that never require optics cleaning or realignment. Also, the pump diodes are derated for extended lifetime. They are mounted in the power supply and fiber connected to the lease head, enabling pump diode replacement to be performed without realignment. Circle No. 50 or

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266nm laserThe AVIA 266–1500 is Coherent Laser Division's (Santa Clara, CA) most reliable high–repetition rate 266nm laser available. This Q–switched, diode–pumped, all–solid–state, UV laser offers a specified average power of 1.5W at 20 kHz and a TEM00 beam for a range of micromachining applications. The product features a single–shot to 100 kHz operation and an industrial package designed for a field–installed lifetime of more than 10,000 hours.
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Thermoelectric chiller
Bay Voltex Corp. (Livermore, CA) has announced the expansion of its line of thermoelectric chillers to include a high–performance 600W cooling capacity system. A high–flow/high–pressure gear pump is combined with this increased cooling capacity to expand potential uses in laser, small test equipment, semiconductor and laboratory applications. Temperature stabilities to plus or minus 0.1 degree Celsius are available.
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Optics catalog
The 328–page "2002 Optics Catalog" from Edmund Industrial Optics (Bar rington, NJ) includes nearly 200 new products, more pages of comprehensive information and dozens of im provements in design.
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Microelectronics machining system
AccuLaze from New Wave Research (Fremont, CA) is a compact, tabletop micromachining system for applications such as thick– or thin–film resistor and capacitor trimming, hole drilling, LCD repair and materials marking and etching. The system is available in six wavelengths from deep UV (213 nm) to IR (1064 nm). Repetition rates vary depending on the model–up to 10 kHz for the J–models and up to 30 Hz for the P– and T–models. Spot sizes range from 10 to 150 microns.
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Water chiller
The high–quality, compact water chiller from ultrafilter inc. (Norcross, GA) is intended for process cooling applications that require precise temperature control and reliable operation. The chiller has a cooling capacity range of from 0.23 to 58 tons with options to customize units to a specific application.
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Capabilities brochure
A divisional brochure entitled "Coherent: The Cornerstone In High–Power Diode Lasers" is available from Coherent Inc., Semi conductor Division (Santa Clara, CA). The four–page color brochure outlines the company's range of 650– to 980–nm products, including single–emitter devices, fiber array packages, QCW stack arrays, LightStone and LightStack arrays and stacks, FAP systems and a full line of integration tools. Color images are included alongside detailed descriptions of each product group.
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Fume extraction system
The benchtop PACE Arm–Evac 50 from Contact East (Phoenix, AZ) provides a wide area of fume extraction. An optional arm attachment enables fume extraction at two points or provides fume extraction for two operators. Features in clude an operator–adjustable airflow and quiet operation (54 dBA). The system comes with a pre–filter and a general–purpose filter.
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Managing resources
Resource Manager DB from User Solutions Inc. (South Lyon, MI) combines the best features from Resource Manager for Excel with customer ideas to enable most any operation to immediately improve its planning, scheduling and tracking capabilities. Written in Visual Basic and utilizing the Jet Engine run time database with Microsoft Excel as a flexible report writer, the product provides the user with flexibility for leveraging Excel on local PCs and sharing data across a network.
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Flexible machining cell
LPE from Finn–Power International (Schaumburg, IL) combines six–axes, servomotor–driven E5 turret punch press, the latest generation of CO2 laser and an automatic loading, stacking and unloading robot. The product provides punching, marking, tapping, nibbling, upforming, bending and laser cutting. Using just one setup, the raw material can be processed into finished parts without any extra material handling or releasing of the material. Optimum use of the system allows a choice of using the turret punch press where it is easier or faster and using the laser where it is most effective.
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Laser cutting system
QuikLaze–50 from New Wave Research (Fremont, CA) is a compact, pulsed, single– or multi–wavelength Nd:YAG laser cutting system designed for microelectronics machining. With an increased repetition rate of 50 Hz, the system offers electronics manufacturers increased throughput for a variety of micromachining applications. The system makes uniform, repeatable, single–shot cuts from 50 x 50 microns (50X objective) to 1 x 1 micron (100X objective). The revamped power supply meets the 2001 CE power factor correction requirements. Models are available with user–selectable wavelengths of 1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm, or 532 nm and 266 nm. The system features open–air, single–phase 100/115 or 230 VAC power requirements and a self–contained, closed–loop cooling system.
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