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Fiber system
The Luminator fiber-optic system from GSI Lumonics Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI) is a super-robust system for delivering laser power from laser sources for material processing. The system includes a patented technology that protects fibers from possible damage caused by back reflection during high-power welding of highly reflective materials, such as copper and aluminum. According to the company, the system's patented terminations, closed-loop feedback, flexible design and significant decrease in required maintenance provide users with a reduction in cost of ownership over current design offerings.

To safely handle back reflection, the technology takes the heat away from the terminations where it is routed to a detector that tells the user how much back reflection is being produced at any given time. This closed-loop feedback triggers an automatic system shut down if the amount of back reflection reaches beyond acceptable levels. Each termination is plug-in and pre-aligned.

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Estimating technology
New from Micro Estimating Systems (New Berlin, WI), AFR Estimating for machining analyzes parts to be cut and automatically generates estimates. The technology is based on automatic feature recognition (AFR). According to the company, using this product and any CAD drawing, Machine Shop Estimating interrogates entities selected by the user and interprets multidimensional contours. It identifies the processes to use and locates the proper tools in the library.

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Components catalog
Directed Light's (San Jose, CA) 2002 Components Catalog contains more than 150 pages of drawings, technical information and parts numbers. The company offers more than 1500 in-stock part numbers and supports 86 manufacturers' lasers.

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Custom systems
Custom-built laser systems from Alabama Laser (Munford, AL) are individually optimized to customers' requirements. For these systems the company uses a range of laser types, including CO2, Nd:YAG and diode-pumped lasers to meet specific application needs, such as thick-plate cutting, high-speed thin sheet cutting, welding, drilling, surface modification and metal deposition. The company also offers laser beam delivery components that provide optical stability for industrial laser systems.

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Linear motor actuator
Faster than a ball screw, more accurate than a belt drive, the LMA series of actuators from Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) harnesses the speed, acceleration and accuracy capability of a linear motor for the latest in high-throughput linear actuator technology. This modular stage is intended for pick-and-place machines, gantry axes and shuttle stages, assembly machines or as a general-purpose positioner. The product boasts a no-load acceleration of 3 g and a top speed of 3 m/s. Other specifications include travels up to 1 m and force outputs from 32 N to 276 N.

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Side pumping
Lambda Physik (Fort Lauderdale, FL) offers USP Technology (uniform side pumping technology) for its Gator Series of diode-pumped solid-state lasers. The technology guarantees the long-term stability of the laser beam intensity distribution. The beam parameters stay constant throughout the lifetime of the laser head, which simplifies process control and allows for excellent stability of the micromachining process. This series is designed especially for micromachining of hard materials, including drilling through holes, cutting, and slotting.

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