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Direct diode laser

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The ISL-2000L, ISL-4000L and ISL-4000L HD laser systems from Nuvonyx Inc. (Bridgeton, MO) combine state-of-the-art micro-optics with diode lasers to produce a high-efficiency, reliable heat source for a variety of applications. The water-cooled microprocessor-controlled systems provide light energy with linear polarization at a center wavelength of 805 ±10nm. The minimum pulse width is 1 msec (100 microsecond, optional) with a duty cycle from 0 to 100 percent. The laser has a working distance from 40 to 90 mm with a spot size from 12 × 0.5 mm to 6 × 0.4 mm. The ISL series of lasers can be operated in CW or pulsed mode, delivering up to 4000 W, with complete control of the laser power. According to the company, it manufactures the only direct diode laser system capable of operating perpendicular to the surface of either aluminum (70 percent reflective) or copper (95 percent reflective) at more than 4000 W for 24 hours of continuous operation.

Cold plates

The High Performance Series ultra-clean cold plates from Lytron (Woburn, MA) offer a thermal performance of 80 percent better than tubed-cold plates, according to the company. The product's corrugated aluminum fin provides a large heat transfer surface. The fin creates turbulence, which minimizes the fluid boundary layer and increases heat transfer. Vacuum brazing provides design flexibility to customize the cold plate to any application. The company has produced vacuum brazed cold plates as small as 4 in2, as large as 700 in2 and as thin as 0.10 in.

Nitrogen generation system

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The Balston nitrogen generator from Parker Hannifin Corp. (Tewksbury, MA) is capable of producing 9600 SCFH of high-purity compressed nitrogen at a dew point of less than –40° Fahrenheit from any compressed air supply regardless of its quality. Nitrogen is produced through a combination of filtration and pressure swing absorption technologies. High-efficiency prefiltration pretreats the compressed air to remove all contaminants down to 0.01 micron.

CCD spectrometer

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New from Acton Research Corp. (Acton, MA), InSpectrum 150 is intended for system integrators who require high-precision spectral performance and sophisticated data analysis and communications capabilities. Either single beam or simultaneous multi-channel optical fiber input, this spectrometer provides superior electro-optic channel-to-channel uniformity, according to the company. The 150mm focal length spectrometer incorporates many features, including a choice of four TE cooled CCDs, 16bit 100kHz digitization and powerful automation and diagnostic software. It communicates through a USB interface. More than 21 standard gratings can be installed and may be fixed or tunable. The unit is optimized for Raman imaging and spectroscopic applications.

Laser scan micrometer

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The Desktop Laser Scan Micrometer from Edmund Industrial Optics (Barrington, NJ) boasts a scanning speed of 226 m/s, allowing inspection of small, high-temperature or fragile workpieces even during motion or vibration. This micrometer can measure transparent objects. Measuring range is from 0.5mm to 60mm with selectable resolution from 50nm to 0.1mm and repeatability of 0.6 micron. Two items can be measured simultaneously, and measurement conditions can be set and later recalled to accommodate different workpiece shapes, maximum and minimum values and sample measurement. In addition to an RS-232C data interface, the instrument provides analysis functions that include elimination of data significantly exceeding the tolerance limit.


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The Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) from Remstar International (Westbrook, ME) enables users to store tools, dies, fixtures, cutter grind, fasteners and raw materials, dynamically using one-inch increments. The company's CubeStar Technology combines controls, dual-level tray spacers and shelf rails within the unit to scan every tray's height and automatically store it using the least amount of space within one-inch increments. The standard unit can hold up to 132,000 pounds and reach up to 65 feet tall. Each user can set the unit to present trays to his preferred ergonomic height.

Q-switched CO2 laser

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Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) expands its family of Q-switched CO2 lasers with the introduction of the GEM-Q3000. Combining ultra-short, high-peak-power pulses with a rugged, sealed package, the unit enables increased throughput and yield in drilling and micromachining applications, according to the company. The laser produces pulses at 9.25 microns with 15 kW peak power. Pulse widths are controllable to less than 150 ns, FWHM, and peak energies to more than 3000 microJoules. The company reports that the laser has successfully processed materials such as resin-coated copper and other PCB dielectrics, as well as polyimide flex machining and PET marking. And, for processing specialty materials such as glass, the unit can rapidly process the material without micro-cracking or similar collateral thermal damage.

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