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Laser amplifier

Th 144431
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Based on Ytterbium tungstate (Yb:KGW), the Eclipse high-power femtosecond amplified laser from Spectra-Physics (Mountain View, CA) demonstrates an output power of 4 W at 1048 nm. It operates at pulse repetition rates up to 7 kHz and generates pulse widths of less than 500 femtoseconds. Equipped with the optional frequency doubler module, the Eclipse delivers an output power of 1.5 W at 524 nm. The product design includes two directly diode-pumped monolithic building blocks: a low-power seed oscillator and a regenerative amplifier. The four pump diodes are located in the rack-mounted system electronics and fiber coupled to the laser head. According to he company, reliability is further enhanced by the use of Saturable Bragg Reflector (SBR) technology for passively modelocking the sealed oscillator.

Green pump laser

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Empower from Spectra-Physics (Mountain View, CA) is a Q-switched laser that delivers greater than 30 watts at adjustable pulse repetition rates between 1 kHz and 10kHz. Pulse energies are greater than 20 mJ. This Nd:YLF laser has high-power green (527 nm) output for pumping Ti:sapphire amplifiers. The product is based on a single Nd:YLF rod that is side-pumped by CW diode laser bars mounted in a compact, field-replaceable pump module. It uses intracavity frequency doubling and does not require external cooling water.

IR optical coating

Operating in the infrared spectral region from 8.0 to 12.0 µm, IR-BBAR-8-12 from ZC&R Coatings for Optics (Torrance, CA) is a thorium-free coating. It can be tailored for a variety of substrate materials such as germanium, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, water clear zinc sulfide, and others.


The Labyrinth filter from Purex (Akron, OH) has been specifically designed for filtration of laser fume. The multi-layered filter media is deep and graded. According to the company, compared to paper filters, it has a greater dust holding capacity throughout without affecting airflow. The user does not have to change the filter as often and therefore laser downtime is reduced. The company reports that, in some cases, annual replacement costs can be more than 10 times less. The filter is used in the company's Laserex fume extraction machines, which extract hazardous fumes from laser applications.

Vertical translation stages

For applications that require small incremental movements in elevation above a horizontal plane Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) offers the AVS100 series stages. Precise elevation of a load in a vertical plane is accomplished with a moving wedge design. The precision-machined wedge block converts horizontal movement from a precision-ground ball screw to vertical elevation of the stage's tabletop. Linear motion guide bearings are incorporated to provide excellent payload capability, long life, and smooth, precision motions, according to the company. Additionally, not only do the stages offer a lower profile, but also the head can be accessed easily from any side.

Flexbile manufacturing system

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The completely modular MSCIII Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) from Mitsubishi (Wood Dale, IL) enables the user to buy the system piece by piece. For example, the user can start with an eight-shelf tower and add shelves in four-shelf increments to a total of 24 shelves in one tower. Product storage carts, vacuum loader with thickness detection, separated clamshell type unload system, and sheet separators enable uninterrupted operation on multiple jobs. The MSCIII is operated with the Mitsubishi LV series and is available in two sizes, 3015 and 3718. For additional cutting power, the 40CFX cross-flow resonator is available.

Beam delivery system

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The Microtech modular tabletop Beam Delivery (MBD) system from JPSA Laser (Hollis, NH) is designed to mount on a standard optical breadboard for applications such as lithography, ..selective material removal, 3D micromachining, high-precision drilling, cutting, marking, and surface annealing. Standard features include a rugged support structure; on-target process camera with parfocal zoom to 180X on screen; off-line inspection camera with parfocal zoom to 1000X on screen and 1 micron resolution; continuously variable demagnification laser imaging system from 4X to 20X; all necessary beam tubes, mirror mounts, and mirrors; singlet laser lens kit; and removable mask premount.

Diode-pumped Nd:YLF

The DM40 diode-pumped Nd:YLF Q-switched green lasers from Photonics Industries (Bohemia, NY) offer high pulse energies at high repetition rates in a compact, hands-free system with long-term reliability. The product offers pulse energy of 40 mJ at 1 kHz and 527 nm and utilizes a proprietary pump design and intra-cavity harmonic generation technologies. Optional features include automated power attenuator, fiber coupled output, TEM00 output, and twin pulse operation-separation from 1 µs and greater.

UV lasers

The DC series diode-pumped UV lasers from Photonics Industries (Bohemia, NY) offer a compact, high-efficiency, air-cooled system. Typical power consumption is less than 100 watts with output power from 100 mW to greater than 1 watt at 355 nm. According to the company, the series delivers superior TEM00 beam mode quality with M2< 1.1 and field replaceable diodes with expected lifetimes of greater than 10,000 hours.

Laser measurement head

The PD10-pJ photodiode energy head from Ophir Optronics Inc. (Wilmington, MA) is recommended for the measurement of extremely low laser energies down to picoJoules. Reportedly, the product can measure laser energies from 10 pJ to 100 nJ, and it can measure pulse rates up to 4000 Hz. Other features include a spectral response from 200 nm to 1100 nm and maximum pulsewidth of 50 ns. It is compatible with the company's Nova Handheld, LaserStar, dual channel LaserStar, and the Orion-PE handheld smart displays.

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