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High-power laser/robot

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Reis Robotics ( introduces the RV16L-CO2 laser robot for processing a wide range of industrial materials. This system mounts the laser laterally on the robot forearm, which makes possible the movement of larger and heavier laser heads of up to 400kg without interfering with the work envelope. Dynamics and accuracy of the robot are maintained with low acceleration forces that enhance continuous operation.

Four mirrors guide the unfocused laser beam, through the robot arm, to the adjustable focus head. The beam passage has a constant aperture of 35mm so that high powers can be transmitted.

Shown in the photo is the RV16L-CO2 with a Trumpf TCF-1, 2 kW diffusion-cooled CO2 laser, which has a high beam quality, K=0.9, for sheet metal processing. This laser, about four feet in length, is mounted laterally at axis 2. The robot is equipped with a sixth axis so that other accessories such as wire feed can be adapted.

Cutting Shop video

Draftsman Cutting Shop, a video-based overview of Cutting Shop's raster-to-vector conversion capabilities, including editing and other issues regarding the conversion process, is available from Arbor Image Corporation (Ann Arbor, MI) and can be seen directly from the company's homepage,, or can be shipped on a demonstration CD.

Hand-held power probe

The hand-held Comet 1K Power Probe from Ophir Optronics, Inc. (Wilmington, MA) can be used to measure laser power from 20 W to 1 kW automatically. The probe, which has a swivel mount that rotates ±90° and a 2x8-character LCD, will store the last three readings and is CE-approved.

Quasi-CW laser

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Available from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA), the PaladinTM 355-8000 commercial, quasi-CW laser delivers 8 W output at 355 nm and enables faster throughput and higher resolution for applications such as laser direct imaging (LDI) of PC boards and computer-to-plate (CTP) production in reprographics. It also enables applications in the semiconductor and flat-panel industries. Its opto-mechanical design ensures specifications are maintained consistently over the entire operational time, enabling its use in a wide range of commercial applications.

Compact scanning galvo

Nutfield Technology, Inc. (NTI, Windham, NH) announces the QuantumScan-7 (QS-7) galvanometer offering scanning speed and accuracy in a small package. The strongest magnets available combined with low resistance/inductance coils allow dramatically reduced package size, a 30% increase in scanning speed with optimized thermal characteristics, and four times the output signal for high signal/noise ratio and accuracy.

The QS-7, combined with NTI's QuantumDrive-3000 servo amplifier and scanning mirrors, is available for coding, marking, display, fluorescence, imaging, microscopy, and many other applications.

New laser gas delivery systems catalog

New from CONCOA (Virginia Beach, VA) is a 48-page catalog of gas delivery systems and gas control equipment for industrial laser material applications from cutting sheet metal to welding. Systems and equipment are designed to meet specific requirements of laser manufacturers, simplifying selection and installation requirements, and including information on gas regulators, analyzers, assemblies, filters, and valves, as well as remote alarms and telemetry devices, monitoring software, and accessories. Advanced features, materials, and specifications are defined for ease of ordering for specific installations

Brighter laser tracker

The latest generation of laser trackers from Faro Technologies, Inc. (Lake Mary, FL) demonstrates advanced technology that enables users to reacquire the laser beam on the fly when the line of sight is interrupted during measurements. SelfComp enables users to press one button and be assured of the highest accuracy within five minutes. Highlights include ADM Smart Auto-Adjust to improve accuracy by adapting automatically to measurement drift, Fast Laser Lock to relock the laser in less than one minute for maximum portability, and the Advanced Target Search routine that has been modified to handle multiple target types of varying intensity.

Excimer micromachining system

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The new, compact (4x8-foot) IX-1100 excimer laser micromachining system from J P Sercel Associates (Hollis, NH) features high-precision, air-bearing stages; a lower and more ergonomic structure; advanced excimer lasers with soft pre-ionization; and integrated Coordinated Opposing Motion (COMO) mask indexing air-bearing stages. In addition, beam homogenizers and imaging lenses as well as other new features are included in the system, which boasts a compact, Class 1 workstation that the company designed and ruggedly constructed for industrial use with minimum downtime and maximum flexibility.

Complex shapes and patterns can be machined in a wide range of materials due to the unique characteristics of the system's powerful excimer laser beam, beam delivery system (BDS), and range of working UV wavelengths (down to 157 nm). Beam homogenization and near-field imaging allow multiple simultaneous micromachining processing for maximum yields. The high pulse repetition rate ensures rapid processing, and precision motion and positioning components ensure repeatability and quality.

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