Compiled by Laureen Belleville,

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Compiled by Laureen Belleville,

400W of air-cooled laser power

A new laser platform from Universal Laser Systems Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ; can be configured to provide 400 watts of air-cooled laser power. The laser utilizes direct air cooling, which eliminates the need for chillers and plumbing. Two models are available: the XL-9200 features a 36- x 24-inch processing field, and the XL-12000 is configured with a 48- x 24-inch processing field.

Th 0604ils Products01
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Automatic detection of installed options assures quick and error-free machine setups. Additionally, an advanced beam indicator precisely identifies the point of laser impact on the material’s surface. Also offered is the company’s patented High Power Density Focusing Optics, which is a lens option that reduces the focused spot size.

IR visual display

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IR visual display devices from Laser Components IG (Hudson, NH; are a reliable help for the evaluation of laser beam paths with 700 to 1300 nm. The laser light is converted by an integral photo-cathode tube into a clearly visible green and is thereby easily distinguished from its surroundings. Two models based on the worldwide standardized tube model 6914 are available. Model 86600 is recommended for visualization from 700 to 1100 nm. Wavelengths up to 1300 nm are displayed with high contrast using the model 86910. In this device, selected tubes that reach further into the IR are used.

Fiber laser marker

The Scorpion fiber laser marking system from Electrox (Letchworth, Herts, U.K.; is a compact, air-cooled system with excellent beam qualities and zero consumables. The system is designed for 24/7, maintenance-free operation to minimize service downtime and improve productivity. According to the company, the system is ideally suited to the marking of metals, including stainless steels, anodized aluminum, and coated materials such as plastics and ceramics.

Modulated fiber laser

Now available from BFi OPTiLAS (Milton Keynes, Bucks, U.K.;, the SPI 200W CW/modulated fiber laser is intended for micromachining metals, plastics, or ceramics. According to the company, as a cutting laser the output power stability is typically better than 0.5 percent over a 12-hour time period. As a welding laser, it offers a dynamic range of microsecond to millisecond pulses offering milliJoule to Joules at repetition rates of up to 50 kHz and pulse stabilities better than 0.2 percent.

Textile-cutting laser

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The first in Orca Photonic Systems’ (Redmond, WA; High Speed Pattern Cutter product line enables users to increase production speeds, product yield, product quality, and productivity when compared with existing ultrasonic-assisted die cutting technology, according to the company. The system is intended for high-speed laser cutting of repetitive patterns in large roll-fed textiles. The company’s Laser Assist software product supports this machine, and its Laser Composer software product allows users to nest and tile simple design components into a large pattern-cutting production job.

High-speed cutter

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New from Cincinnati Inc. (Cincinnati, OH;, the CL-850 mates a faster-cutting 5000W GE Fanuc laser resonator with a third-generation linear-motor-drive system on, reportedly, the industry’s heaviest laser platform. The system delivers 10,000 ipm head positioning, 1000 ipm cutting on 18 ga. steel, and up to 1 1/8-inch processing range on mild steel. The cutting head system features standard auto-focus. An improved breakaway feature keeps debris from entering the beam path and allows beam alignment checking without head removal. A new height sensor, insensitive to plasma, enables much higher federates on thin metal using N2 or air assist gas.

Central chiller

AEC’s (Wood Dale, IL; 30RB Outdoor Series Central Chillers are engineered for energy efficiency with its rotary compressor technology. With 17 models available, the 30RB series offers 60 to 300 ton cooling capacities and features high-efficiency screw compressors for increased refrigeration capacity. Reportedly, they arrive on site in complete working order after factory-testing under full-load operating conditions.

Laser lenses

A wide range of small CO2 lenses, designed to fit all popular low-power marking and engraving lasers, are available off-the-shelf for immediate delivery from Laser Research Optics (Providence, RI; They are designed for beam delivery systems in 25- to 100-watt lasers and are optimized for use at 10.6 μm where depth of field is important. Featuring <0.2 percent total absorption values, these ZnSe lenses are A/R coated and compatible with popular lasers, including Amada, Coherent, Cincinnati, Continuum, Epilog, Lambda Physik, Mazak, and Synrad.

Picosecond laser

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The new Super-Rapid from Lumera Laser (Kaiserslautern, Germany; is an amplified version (8 W) of the Rapid picosecond laser, maintaining all its features and expanding them. According to the company, the higher average power of the Super-Rapid means more cost-efficient micromachining, higher throughput (4x the power for 38 percent higher price). The laser beam can be focused to sub-micron diameter, and each controllable single picosecond pulse will remove only about 10nm-layers of material, the company reports.

DPSS laser system

Northrop Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics (St. Charles, MO; has unveiled the Mirus laser system, a DPSS laser available with up to 450 watts of output power. Based on a simple linear rail architecture, the Mirus can be configured in a wide variety of cavity designs and comes standard with any of the company’s pump modules. It is available for either TEM00 or multimode operation, in IR or in green.

Green output laser

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The Avia 532-30 from Coherent Inc. (Santa Clara, CA; delivers more than 30 watts of green (532nm) output. This Q-switched, diode-pumped laser is designed to meet the needs of high-throughput materials processing as well as demanding scientific applications. It features excellent beam quality (TEM00, M2 < 1.3) and can be operated with pulse repetition rates from single shot up to 150 kHz, with a pulsewidth as short as 45 ns. Primary applications are in precision micromachining (drilling, cutting, scribing, marking, and other surface treatments) in the microelectronics industry.

Micromachining head

Haas Laser Technologies Inc. (Flanders, NJ; has introduced a micromachining fiber laser process head for cutting and welding. The unit is modularly designed and can be configured with a variety of options. It is available for any wavelength.

Optical coatings

New from Princeton Instruments/Acton (Acton, MA;, the ExciLife-193 193nm optical coatings are designed for OEM applications where high durability and long-term resistance to laser damage are important. According to the company, at 45 degree incidence angle, the coatings are guaranteed to provide >97 percent reflectance at 193 nm, certified in the company’s in-house metrology lab. Reportedly, they pass MIL-SPEC adhesion, abrasion, and humidity.

Pump guard

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The Laser Pump Guard from Ariel Technologies Inc. (Miami Beach, FL; was designed to guard fiber-coupled pump light sources. Based on field test, a single ATI LPG has been demonstrated to prevent light source burnout in 100 percent of cases, according to the company. The product increased the reliability and durability of equipment already in place while significantly shortening development time, resulting in considerable cost savings, the company says.

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