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Cutting/welding/drilling machine

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The Lasertech GmbH (Kempten) subsidiary of DMG America (Chicago, IL) presents the DML 80 series as a new machine generation for the flexible, highly dynamic and highly precise cutting and drilling of sheet metal between 0.1 and 3.0 mm. The system boasts precision of 10 µm (Pmax), high positioning speeds up to 4723 ipm and accelerations up to 2 g. Other features include the X/Y-axis compound table with highly dynamic linear drives and the solid machine bed of polymer concrete on the three-point support.

Reportedly, a Nd:YAG solid-state laser can be as easily integrated as a CO2 system. Accordingly, the laser type and power can always be configured to the respective requirements placed in each and every case on quality, speed and material. For all applications, the laser is manipulated directly via the Siemens 840D powerline and the CNC controller ensures that the operator can access the complete range of CAD/CAM systems established on the sector.

Ytterbium fiber laser

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Available from AMS Technologies (Martinsried/Munich, Germany), the operating output wavelength of Keopsys' fiber lasers can be chosen in the emission bandwidth from 1040 to 1090 nm. The fiber laser can deliver an average power of more than 20 W in a Gaussian free space output beam. The laser system is available in a turnkey, low-profile, rack-mounted unit or in a compact OEM module for further integration. Custom options include PM fiber output, extended bandwidth of operation wavelength or polarization controller.

YAG profiler

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A high-power industrial beam profiler for Nd:YAG lasers, from Spiricon Inc. (Logan, UT), profiles beams to 5 kW and 30mm diameter. With a fast display rate, the IBP-5000-YAG provides electronic "mode burns" of the intensity profile in real-time 2D or 3D displays. The unit also accurately measures and logs critical laser properties. The portable head can be moved from laser to laser. The product consists of a beam sampling head that directs a small portion of the high-power laser to a CCD camera for measurement.

Measurement system

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FiberLine from Micro-Metric Inc. (San Jose, CA) measures critical dimensions in the manufacture of multi-fiber terminators, v-grooves, ferrules optical disks, image sensors and other optoelectronics devices. Such critical measurements include wafer line..widths, component positioning and optical fiber alignment with feature sizes as small as 0.5 µm. The system provides field-of-view measurement accuracy to 0.01 micron and point-to-point XYZ measurement repeatability of 0.01 micron at 1 sigma.

Nd:YLF laser

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Evolution-90, a diode-pumped, intracavity doubled, Q-switched Nd:YLF laser from Positive Light (Los Gatos, CA), delivers greater than 90 watts of average power and greater than 18 mJ of pulse energy at 5 kHz at 527 nm. According to the manufacturer, the laser is ideal for pumping high-power Ti:sapphire amplifiers and materials processing. Diode-pumped technology and a thermally stabilized enclosure ensure maximum long-term stability and minimal maintenance.

Closed-loop control system

New from Intellite Inc. (Albuquerque, NM), Clarifi provides closed-loop control of the company's deformable mirror shape at rates up to 30 Hz based on feedback from a video camera. The software offers the choice of eight feedback metrics and five convergence algorithms to provide flexibility for a range of applications. The control loop can be set to run a single convergence to optimize the selected metric or to continuously update the mirror surface for dynamic applications.

Chirped pulse amplifiers

Industrial-grade i-Series ultrafast lasers from Clark-MXR Inc. (Dexter, MI) provide complete computer control of important functions via the included touch-screen controller or from any Windows-based computer with a network connection. The embedded software provides access to laser controls such as power output, pulse width, pump power, timing and single or multiple pulse selection from the pulse train. A diagnostic suite also is included to monitor laser performance.

Micromachining workstation

The UMW-series micromachining workstations from Clark-MXR Inc. (Dexter, MI) use ultrafast lasers to machine materials. The company explains that micromachining with ultrafast lasers is not wavelength dependent, allows laser ablation without damage to surrounding materials, without splatter, and can machine inside the bulk of transparent materials. The system is capable of creating features below the diffraction limit with consistent, repeatable results, shot after shot.

Sensors and amplifiers

Analog Modules Inc. (Longwood, FL) has updated its eight-page sensors and amplifiers catalog, which features hybrid laser rangefinder receivers, analog photodetector-amplifier modules, linear and logarithmic amplifiers, pulse stretchers and fiberoptic links. The catalog also includes information on compact, low-noise, high-voltage power supplies for photodetector biasing.

Focus head for welding

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The new series of Luminator focus heads for use in fiber-delivered industrial welding and heat treatment applications are available from GSI Lumonics Inc. (Farmington Hills, MI).

Based on a one-piece machined body, these rugged welding heads are sealed to industrial standard IP55. The heads are available in straight and right-angle form with a CCTV option for the right-angle version. The design carries the focus lens in a separate module for ease of changeover without the need to handle individual optics.

Optical fiber

Fiberguide Industries (Stirling, NJ) offers Solarguide 193 solarization-resistant optical fiber. The product is drawn from special preform materials that produce superior performance in the deep UV at 193 nm and then the fiber core and clad are hydrogen doped and subsequently hermetically sealed with an aluminum jacket. According to the company, features include high break strength, high operating temperature, cryogenic operating temperature, laser damage resistant and radiation resistant, among others.

Beam profiler

The XYVLAGE, very large aperture BeamScan with germanium detector, and the XYLAQSW with pyroelectric detector are the latest members of the BeamScan family of beam profiling instruments from Photon Inc. (San Jose, CA). The XYVLAGE provides a 25mm aperture similar to the silicon detector in the XYLA BeamScan. According to the company, this will enable direct measurement of large beams or multiple beam arrays in the NIR. This product can measure beam widths from 500 µm to 16 mm. The XYLAQSW adds a 21mm aperture version of the XYQSW that can measure higher-power beam lasers with pulse frequencies from 2kHz to CW from UV to FIR. The larger aperture enables measurement of beam diameters from 250 microns to ~14mm.

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