Laser scanner maker SCANLAB gets a new sister company from Israel

By integrating HOLO/OR's diffractive optical elements into its laser scanning solutions, SCANLAB can multiply the fields of application for its products.

Israel Grossinger, Owner and President of HOLO/OR.
Israel Grossinger, Owner and President of HOLO/OR.
(Credit: SCANLAB GmbH)

TechInvest Holding AG, the parent company of laser scanning system manufacturer SCANLAB GmbH (Puchheim, Germany), is taking a 25% stake in the Israeli firm HOLO/OR Ltd., which develops diffractive optical elements (DOEs)  for industrial applications. By integrating these innovative micro-optical components, such as beam shapers, into its scan solutions, SCANLAB can multiply the fields of application for its products.

DOEs can be used to specifically shape laser beams—to achieve the ‘diffractive effect,’ DOEs employ microstructures etched into a substrate using a lithographic process. Glass is typically the substrate, but plastics, metals, or semiconductors can also be used. HOLO/OR is regarded as an experienced player and leader in this market segment; founded 31 years ago, the company is one of only a few suppliers capable of producing DOEs, such as beam splitters and shapers, with high damage thresholds that can stand up to high-power lasers.

Over the coming years, TechInvest Holding will take over all remaining shares of HOLO/OR in several steps. The acquired company will retain its independence and collaborate closely with sister company SCANLAB on a number of projects.

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Source: SCANLAB press release – September 1, 2020

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