ES Precision offers laser marking services for several industries

The company's six-person staff runs laser marking jobs on eight workstations.

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ES Precision (Kingston Bagpuize, England; a village in Oxford) opened in 2017 to offer laser processing to industries such as medical device, Formula 1, aerospace, electronics, and general engineering. The company's six-person staff runs laser marking jobs on eight workstations.

"Turnover for the first quarter was well ahead of expectations, so we've entered the new year with a very solid start," says Tim Millard, managing director. "We've taken on some part-time staff locally in addition to our six permanent staff to meet the demand peaks. We've met delivery expectations 100% so far as a result, which is crucial when a new company is building a reputation."

The company's lasers include a 200 W CO2 galvo-delivered source that can drill and cut organic materials at very high speed, and a lower-power CO2 laser with automatic reel-to-reel feeding to mark label data onto any shape of label—the laser also cuts the label profile, so no kiss-cutting dies are required. Labels are tamper-evident and high temperature- and weather-resistant, so customers use them for tracking and traceability as well as outside use. They can have incrementing barcodes, ID matrices, or human-readable characters, and cannot be removed without destroying. Most people will have seen the material on their cars—such laser-marked black labels are ubiquitous showing fuel type by the gas fill-up cap and tire pressure on the door interior.

"We've also got UV, fiber, and vanadate lasers with galvo delivery so that we can optimize marks on virtually all materials—all metals, most plastics, as well as coated materials," Millard explains. "We have a tool room to fabricate fixtures so that repeat customers are guaranteed consistent results. The business model needs customers who have a regular permanent identification or decorative need for their products, so ensuring every customer is happy with our service is of course essential."

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