Lasers mark eggs

July 18--A patent-pending laser marking technology ensures consumers are getting the freshest eggs possible

July 18--Developed to ensure consumers are getting the freshest eggs possible, EggFusion's patent-pending laser marking technology provides added convenience because it enables consumers to quickly determine the freshness and origin of each egg regardless of whether it has been removed from the carton.

Using laser light and a suite of proprietary software applications, EggFusion uses the USDA-accepted process to place a mirco-thin groove on the egg quickly and accurately without slowing the production process or affecting the integrity of the eggshell.

EggFusion is working with producers and retailers throughout the country to expand the reach of Freshness and Traceability Coding so more consumers can take advantage of its benefits. With a host of retailers in varying stages of discussions, EggFusion expects to achieve coast-to-coast distribution by the end of 2006.

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