Laser marking specialist Laserax enters partnership with Pannier

Pannier will provide access to clients in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area to Laserax's laser marking products.

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Pannier (Pittsburgh, PA), which supplies marking systems and metal tags, and Laserax (Quebec, QC, Canada), which develops, markets, and installs inline laser marking andlaser cleaning solutions, entered a partnership agreement in January 2019. Both companies serve the metals and automotive industries.

Laserax recently launched a patent-pending shotblast resistant laser marking process. It allows casters and other manufacturers to trace every part from the earliest production step through to final assembly with a single identifier, which ensures end-to-end product traceability.

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"The Laserax LXQ high-power lasers can mark high-temperature products in harsh industrial environments. This will allow our customers in the metals and automotive industries to achieve complete product traceability from the caster to the customer," says Michael Leard, director of sales at Pannier.

Laserax has developed three types of fiber lasers: LXQ, LXQ 3D and LXQ 3D Vision. Each has specific functionalities and options to address the traceability and process control needs of global manufacturers. The company's fiber lasers have use in direct part marking on metals, such as aluminum, magnesium, lead, nickel, tin, zinc, titanium, stainless steel, and steel.

With its established sales forces in the steel industry, Pannier will provide access to clients in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area to Laserax's products.

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