Laser marking systems

The LaserMarker TX020 is a complete system for laser marking on production lines

Taufenbach (Kiel, Germany) develops and produces has launched the LaserMarker TX020, a complete system for production lines.

The air-cooled laser marking system is an economic alternative to the established ink-based printing solutions. The virtually maintenance-free system consists of the user terminal and the ultra compact marking unit, both connected by a flexi–core lead.

Integration into existing production lines is simplified by the compact size of the marking unit (42 x 8 x 9cm) and its light weight of only 2.5 kg. An IP65 version for industrial environments is also available.

The modular set-up of the marking unit (laser with scan head) is an additional highlight, it enables the TAUFENBACH Easy – Service concept for quick exchange of single components without the need of a service technician. USB, Ethernet and RS232 interfaces at the user terminal, make database connections and import of marking jobs possible. Additionally layouts can be created directly at the user–friendly touch screen - automatic date, time and serial numbering functions can easily be selected.

With a marking speed up to 1700 characters per second, the LaserMarker TX020 is an ideal solution for marking on different packaging material as well as plastic, glass, paper or textiles – even marking on the fly.

The short and constant pulses are characteristic for TAUFENBACH- Lasers and allow very fast marking with sharp quality.

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