High-power fiber laser

EOLITE's BOREAS high-power fiber lasers offering a fully industrial oriented laser design

EOLITE Systems presents the new BOREAS family with BOREAS HE and BOREAS HF, featuring hermetically sealed rock solid single-piece aluminum block, which strengthens key advantages of "rod-type" fiber technology: short pulse duration, very high repetition rates, beam quality, beam pointing stability, power stability.

BOREAS lasers includes the high energy family HE and high frequency family HF. BOREAS HE is available in two different models: HE40 (1030nm, 40W, 7ns pulse duration, 2mJ pulse energy) and HE80 (1030nm, 80W, 7ns, 2mJ pulse energy) designed for high-peak power micromachining applications: deep-engraving, high-speed marking, precision drilling, and more.

BOREAS HF is available in five different models depending on wavelength (1030nm, 515nm, or 343nm) and average power (from 7W at 343nm to 50W at 515nm). The new solid block design offers unequaled performances at 515nm or 343nm with the possibility to produce pulses at repetition rates up to 500kHz. Applications include semiconductor, micro-electronics, glass-marking, thin film processing, and both silicon and thin-film photovoltaic industries.

The unique properties of rod-type fibers provide shorter pulses and higher average power than classical DPSS lasers even at very high repetition rates.

Single-mode propagation in the fiber ensures a polarized, diffraction limited beam. A patented resonator design produces sub-10ns pulses and pulse repetition frequencies up to 500kHz. The laser head is conductively cooled and temperature stabilized by a closed-loop chiller allowing a real sealed environment for long lifetime operation. Fiber coupled diodes located in the 19-in. electronic rack can be easily serviced with no adjustment of the laser head. The system comes with an RS-232 interface for easy integration in high-volume manufacturing environments.

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