Canadian government funding enables laser equipment purchase

RPA to receive $37,850 in non-repayable funding to purchase equipment for laser marking, cutting, and engraving of materials such as aluminum, plastic, rubber, and wood

The Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of State for Canada Economic Development, today announced $37,850 in non-repayable funding to the firm RPA Technologie to purchase equipment for the laser marking, cutting, and engraving of all types of materials such as aluminum, plastic, rubber, and wood.

Founded in 1996, RPA Technologie is a family business specializing in laser sintering marking. This modern technology, inspired by a European technology and adapted by RPA Technologie, consists of fusing a ceramic-based powder on metal using a powerful laser. The marking is literally cooked, becoming virtually inalterable and indelible and resistant to acidic environments, salt air, and abrasion. This process, less costly than engraving, is mainly used for aluminum name plates, control panels, and various other ancillary parts. In addition to its expertise in this area, RPA Technologie also boasts leading-edge equipment which serves to re-enamel used cauldrons and enamel a variety of industrial products.

"RPA Technologie has focussed on innovation to set itself apart from the competition. The unique know-how of its employees and the technical processes it uses contribute to the growth of the region's aluminum sector. Canada Economic Development wants to help SMEs who, like RPA Technologie, strive in these tough times to strengthen their positions and diversify their offerings. Business people like these can count on our support," said the Minister of State.

This funding, awarded under the Community Economic Diversification Initiative - Vitality (CEDI-V), will enable the company to pursue its development, boost its productivity, and break into new markets, notably in the
hydroelectricity and aeronautics sectors. It should be noted that this project will generate investments of more than $75,000 and help maintain five existing
jobs and create four new ones, over the next four years, in Métabetchouan-Lac-à-La-Croix, a community that has been hard hit by the crisis in the forestry industry.

"The Government of Canada is taking concrete action to help Canadians and businesses deal with the forestry crisis. In fact, in order to better meet the regions' needs and help them meet the challenges they face, we are currently relaxing the terms and conditions of our programs," the Minister concluded.

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