Modular diode/fiber laser marker

Rofin's new EasyMark diode-pumped or fiber laser marking system offers a modular design for use as a fully enclosed laser class 1 system or an open class IV system to be integrated into a production line.

Rofin's EasyMark diode-pumped or fiber laser marking system
Rofin's EasyMark diode-pumped or fiber laser marking system

Rofin-Baasel Inc., Boxborough, MA, has debuted a new version of its EasyMark desktop laser marking system, which incorporates the latest diode-pumped or fiber laser technology.

The compact laser marking system has a modular design, with separate modules for the supply control unit and working chamber. Its laser class 1 enclosure can be removed to convert the system into an open laser class IV marking module able to be integrated into an automated production line. With side panels removed the system can accommodate long, bulky work pieces, ideally suited for automated part feeding systems such as conveyors or indeed automatic loading and unloading by a robot system.

Depending on individual customer requirements, the EasyMark is powered by PowerLine F fiber lasers with 20 W, 30 W, or 50 W, or alternatively with the diode end-pumped PowerLine E 10. All laser sources used within the new EasyMark are air-cooled and designed for continuous industrial operation. The system re-quires just a standard, single-phased power supply.

Standard configuration for the latest version of EasyMark is a laptop (Windows 7), "Visual Laser-Marker" (VLM) software, programmable z-axis, and pilot laser and camera for exact part positioning within the standard 120 mm or optional 180 mm marking area. Options include a rotary axis, through-the-lens (TTL) camera, automatic door, and foot switch.

Easymark Perspektive Open 225widthEasymark Perspektive 225width

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