Laser marking aluminum plates

A new process enables laser marking of aluminum plates.

Cleveland, Ohio - Horizons Imaging Systems Group has developed a new CO₂ laser markable aluminum that meets the requirements of MIL-STD-810G for resistance to abrasion, temperature, weather, salt-spray and fluid exposure. The new product was engineered to survive harsh military, industrial and outdoor operating environments without a protective topcoat.

DuraBlack® produces a durable, high-resolution white-metallic image on a matte black background when marked with any CO₂ laser. The product is composed of a two-part thermoset coating bonded to either 0.005 in. or 0.020 in. thick aluminum, enabling attachment to curved or flat surfaces with adhesive, rivets or screws. It can be imaged with any marking CO₂ laser, giving the user control over where and when items are created.

Recommended applications include UID barcodes, energy/utility asset tags, transportation labels, industrial/work-in-progress tags, architectural/wayfinding signage and others that require on-site, on-demand marking by a CO₂ laser.

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