Experience laser technology live

Advanced laser processes will be on display at eurolsaser's Laser Fair.

Luneburg, Germany – On May 4, 2012 for the first time, the German laser system manufacturer of laser material processing systems,eurolaser, will be welcoming visitors to its Laser-Fair and opening its doors to international customers and other guests. The day will be devoted to presenting all aspects of laser technology. The focus of the live demonstrations will be on the latest “New Generation” line of laser systems from eurolaser which has only been on the market since the beginning of this year. It will be presented to a wide range of specialists from the industry for the first time during the Laser-Fair.

But there will be a lot more to see. The spacious Application Center will be the venue for live demonstrations of laser used for cutting,engraving and marking of different materials. Visitors can look forward to guided tours through the whole building complex and various specialist talks to be given by a number of speakers from well-known companies such as Evonik Industries AG and Eurosystems Soft- and Hardware S.á.r.l. Synrad Inc. and OCÉ Germany will also be present at the open house exhibition and with their expertise are bound to attract a lot of attention from visitors. Refreshments will be served. Join eurolaser and experience just how fascinating laser technology is. Find more information at www.eurolaser.com/laser-fair-2012.

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