Jenoptik offers JenLas disk G80/100 green high-power lasers for photovoltaic applications

RPMC announces  the high power disk laser family JenLas disk G80/100, with pulsed 515 nm and M² of 7, from Jenoptik, Jena, Germany.

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RPMC announces the high power disk laser family JenLas® disk G80/100, with pulsed 515 nm and M2 of 7, is available from Jenoptik, Jena, Germany. The green lasers offer 80 W/100 W of output power with tunable pulse width capability from 300 ns to 1000 ns but can also be set to have a constant pulse width. The tunable pulse width allows users to find the ideal processing parameters for their various applications.

Pennwell web 200 102

The lasers can cover a wide range of applications, with pulse energies up to 8 mJ and repetition rates up to 100 kHz. Typical applications for the JenLas disk G80/G100 include: wafer annealing, selective emitter doping, drilling of copper foils, micro welding of copper contact materials, cutting of polyimide materials, and engraving of copper materials.

The OEM design of the JenLas disk G80 and JenLas disk G100 laser head at only 35.5 x 21 x 7 inches makes it good for integration into end user systems.

RPMC is the North American distributor for Jenoptik.

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