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UK jewelry business benefits from Rofin laser marker.

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Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, UK - Prism Design, a family business that has grown over the years to become recognized as a leading provider of titanium jewelry in the UK, has a history of positively embracing technology. Prism introduced CAD / CAM some 10 years ago to boost its in-house design and manufacture and more recently purchased the latest in laser marking technology from Rofin.

Barry and Sally Milburn, who founded the company in 1980, are actively involved in the business, creating new designs, promoting existing ranges, and overseeing every aspect of the company and customers, which include over 250 UK jewelry retailers.

The 15-employee workshop comprises a range of specialist machinery tailored to production of titanium pieces, including custom shaped wedding rings. Overall, titanium jewelry has grown to become a mainstay of the business. The company also specializes in platinum, palladium, gold and silver jewelry, for both men and women, manufacturing a wide range of cuff links, chains, bangles, drop earrings, stud earrings, and pendants.

Over the years, the business has changed from the traditional model of design, manufacture, display and sell to that of responding to individual customer requirements, thus the company needs to produce more custom and personalized pieces. This growing demand for personalization was instrumental in the decision to investigate laser.

The decision to purchase the EasyJewel laser marker from Rofin followed extensive research by Prism Design into the laser marking process, the technology, and the different systems available on the market. "This was going to be a big investment for us and we wanted to be sure that the system which we chose was not only appropriate for our immediate requirements, but had the capability to meet our future needs," explains Barry Milburn.

"Rofin were able to demonstrate to us that they not only had the best system, in the form of the EasyJewel, but that they also had the application knowledge and expertise to help us get the most out of the system. This collaboration has led to the development of high contrast black marking on titanium pieces," he continues.

Using the laser, Prism Design can, for example, produce marks and inscriptions on any area of a ring: the outside surface, inside surface and even the narrow edge of the ring, meaning it can engrave small text and fine lines there, allowing customers to completely personalize the item of jewelry with their own intimate messages. The Rofin laser is also capable of producing graphics and images, plus engraving over a larger area if required, allowing a wide range of options for personalization.

Barry concludes, “Our products are handmade to a very high standard, and the ability to personalize any item using laser technology not only adds value to our service but allows our customers the flexibility to really have a unique personalized item.”

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