Jewelry business announces more fonts for laser engraving

Larson Jewelry only uses laser engraving for this inscription process because it makes the words and symbols easier to read than traditional choices.

Irvine, California - Larson Jewelers has announced that it is offering customers more than 30 additional font styles to choose from when engraving their rings. Larson only uses laser engraving for this inscription process because it makes engravings easier to read than traditional choices. Using a laser is the preferred method of engraving for extremely hard-to-engrave jewelry, such as tungsten carbide wedding bands.

Larson Jewelers has a precision laser engraving machine in house. All customers' engravings are done the same day by the in-house master engraver.

This font addition brings Larson's engraving font selection up to 38 unique font styles. Having more fonts will allow customers to better express their special message into their rings. In addition to company's added font selection, Larson also has more than 90 engraving symbols to choose from, ranging from religious symbols to fun pop culture symbols.

Customers are able to quickly and easily input their exact engraving, in the font they want, and any symbols they want right on the website. This gives people a chance to see an example of their engraving exactly as it would appear before they place their order. Larson Jewelers can also do custom engraving work, such as engraving fingerprints or any other custom image or design.

Larson's web site says that, in reality, a laser does not actually engrave the ring, as engraving involves etching or carving. A laser actually burns your personal message on to the surface of the ring. Thus, the correct term should be "laser marking," but most people refer to it as laser engraving. Laser engraving can be done on any metal and tends to be easy to read because the laser burns the metal, turning it darker.

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