Lumiere cuts printing lead time with laser engraver

The Sri Lanka manufacturer of knitted fabric has invested in a Stork laser engraving machine to strengthen its fabric printing capabilities.

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Walgama West, Sri Lanka - Lumiere Textiles, a state-the-art knitted fabric mill, recently invested in a brand new Stork laser engraver to strengthen its fabric printing capability. This laser engraving machine from Austria can produce up to 600 screens a month, which enables Lumiere to offer print strike-offs at a fast lead time of 3 days,

Along with the Stork laser engraver, the mill is currently equipped with a Reggiani rotary printing machine and a Viero sample printing machine, both from Italy. This investment also makes it possible for Lumiere to produce printed fabric at a wider width of up to 230 cm.

The mill offers both solid and printed fabric at the same width, which is preferred by many garment manufacturers to maximize their efficiencies. Lumiere currently has a capacity of 600,000 m of printed fabric per month. It offers the printing service to both knitted & woven fabric.

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