Fiber laser for marking

Trumpf has expanded its range of TruMark Series 5000 marking lasers with the TruMark 5070 fiber laser, especially useful for deep engraving.

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Farmington, CT - With the introduction of the TruMark 5070, Trumpf has expanded its range of TruMark Series 5000 marking lasers. This new fiber laser features increased average output power and a high repetition rate for faster processing speeds. Its high pulse frequency makes this infrared laser especially productive for deep engraving metal or ceramics, ablation and high-speed laser marking of metals and plastics.

The TruMark 5070 features a new scanner unit and an automatic detection of the focal position. A camera system enables the user to easily position the laser beam on the workpiece. This feature is especially beneficial for frequently changing parts or when the marking levels vary in height within a batch of components. In addition to the focal position, sensors also automatically detect the position of the component to be marked. If the part is improperly positioned or turned, the marking process will be modified accordingly.

In addition to simplified operation, the TruMark 5070 is versatile in use. Potential applications include the ablation of coatings over large surface areas, either for cleaning purposes or in preparation for processing. It is also highly productive when processing plastics and creates continuous marks on long cables. In addition, the TruMark 5070 is a good tool for labeling parts with a data matrix or barcode, guaranteeing traceability of a component over its entire life cycle.

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