Italian manufacturer acquires high power pulsed fiber laser assets

Datalogic is paying 575K euros for these assets from Portuguese company Multiwave Photonics and hopes to use them in future growth.

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Bologna, Italy - Datalogic SpA has signed an agreement to acquire high power pulsed fiber laser assets and technology based on the advanced MOPA architecture of Multiwave Photonics SA, a Portuguese company based in Porto.

Datalogic is a producer of bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems.

The transaction is worth 575,000 Euro and will be financed wholly using internal resources. The advanced technology developed by Multiwave Photonics is used in the fiber laser sector for the laser marking of objects and processing of materials, including steel, plastic, and glass.

Under the terms of the agreement, the technology and assets acquired (including customers, projects, products and product-relevant know-how) will be integrated into Datalogic by the end of the current year, also through the creation of a dedicated team for product design and engineering. Datalogic has been present in the sector since 2004 following the acquisition of Laservall, and over the years has managed to develop cutting-edge technology and a wide range of products, supported by an efficient sales network of global partners.

Through this acquisition, Datalogic, reportedly the only Italian company operating in the sector, aims to further strengthen the division, in terms of both its sales offerings and its high-level positioning in the fiber-laser segment, for future growth.

"This operation confirms Datalogic's significant investment capacity in technology and its broad vision. Multiwave Photonics S.A. will enable Datalogic to improve its competitive position and increase its presence in a highly innovative market, albeit a niche one, with significant growth potential. Datalogic can today offer its partners and customers the best solutions in all the sectors in which it operates, while continuing to keep a close eye on new opportunities, both in terms of business and technological innovation," said Romano Volta, chairman and CEO of the Datalogic Group.

Datalogic Group currently employs about 2400 workers distributed in 30 countries. In 2012, Datalogic Group achieved revenues for 462.3 million Euro and invested over 32 million Euro in Research and Development with a portfolio of over 1,000 patents across the world. For more news and information on Datalogic, please visit.

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