Electrox Laser Marking Systems makes changes in North America

The Georgia company will open a new applications lab in Tyngsboro, MA, for testing and demonstrations.

Alpharetta, GA - Electrox Laser Marking Systems has launched several key initiatives to expand its reach in the North American market with specific focus on the US. The company is a supplier of industrial-grade laser marking equipment.

Ahead of new product launches over the next 12 months, Electrox Laser Marking Systems will open a new applications lab in Tyngsboro, MA. The primary function of the lab is to allow customers to judge the feasibility of their applications and serve as a demonstration facility to aid in the selection of the proper laser configuration for their needs. The innovative lab will features hands-on time with machines and the ability to see testing and meet development engineers.

Michael Rauch, appointed as US national manager, will be responsible for Electrox’s operations in the US, Canada, and Central and South America. He will lead the company’s overall strategy to better serve these regions. He has worked for several of the leading companies in the industry with titles ranging from VP of sales and marketing to global product manager.

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