Updated software for fiber laser markers

Miyachi America has produced updated software, WinLase 5, for its LMF series of fiber laser markers.

Morovia, CA - Miyachi America Corp. has made a powerful upgrade to its user-friendly WinLase Windows-based software package for the LMF series of fiber laser markers.

Designated WinLase 5, this update maintains the feature-rich, easy to use graphical user interface with WYSIWYG editing, graphic importation and multiple languages capability and includes an editor thatadds significant capabilities,enabling customers to generate job files with complex features quickly and easily. Delivering fully integrated marker motion performance, WinLase 5 allows for control of up to 4 axes of motion.

New features in WinLase 5 include a new drawing interchange format (DXF) filter with process optimization features, and support for a variety of illustration packages, including Adobe Illustrator (.AI) and CorelDraw (.CDR), as well as a new QR code library, supporting QR codes with high information content. The software also includes a password protected security lockout capability. For current users of Miyachi America LMF series fiber laser markers, this latest software upgrade is fully backwards compatible with existing marking job files.

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