Lasers score for Midas Golf

Midas invests in 2 Electrox Scorpion Rapide Lasers to mark its top-flight golf clubs.

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Huddersfield, UK - Midas Golf, a family-run company, assembles custom fit golf clubs to customer requirements on behalf of companies such as Puma and Nike. Traceability is key, so each set must be permanently marked with a unique serial number. The company needed a marking process that was repeatable, highly legible, adaptable and easy-to-use.

With this in mind, Nike recommended Electrox Lasers as the company was already being used by Nike's American suppliers and met the firm's exacting requirements. Midas Golf invested in two Electrox Scorpion Rapide Lasers with customized MaxBox Plus workstations to permanently mark its top-flight clubs.

Electrox personnel studied Midas Golf’s operation and developed a solution to meet the company's exact needs. Their heavy-duty steel MaxBox Plus workstation, designed specifically for large component marking, was customized to include side-access and special tooling to hold the golf clubs securely in place. This is complemented by the Scorpion Rapide Fibre Laser, which offers precise high speed marking with no loss of marking resolution on a wide range of materials including both metal and plastic.

Midas Golf was so impressed with the results that when it won the Puma contract it purchased a second laser to expand its marking capability.

"Having the lasers in-house means we don’t need to pay sub-contracting costs. What’s more, the newer MaxBox Plus can mark up to six clubs each with a unique serial number in one go, which offers significant time and cost savings," said Joanne Womersley, co-owner of Midas Golf.

Electrox manufactures a wide variety of fully-integrated laser marking solutions. Its. lasers offer a wide range of application solutions, including ablation and coating removal such as for automotive displays and coding for traceability, identification, and labelling and for decorative design and personalization.

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