Scanlab protects product offerings from counterfeiting, thanks to laser marking

Laser scanner maker Scanlab now labels its products using the latest security technology, which involves a laser marking process.

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Laser scanner maker Scanlab (Puchheim, Germany) labels its products using the latest security technology, protecting users from poor-quality copies and ensuring system authenticity. All of the company's scan heads and galvanometer scanners shipped now bear individually laser-coded security labels that ensure each manufactured system's uniqueness, genuineness, and traceability.

Content Dam Ils Online Articles 2016 08 Scanlab Kopierschutz Scan Systeme Typenschild 300dpi Web
Scanlab's scan systems now feature brand-protection security labels.

The tesa scribos (Heidelberg, Germany) security labels are laser-inscribed with item-unique security features to give all products a unique identity, much like a passport. This product marking makes it easy to reliably distinguish between originals and fakes, and therefore fight counterfeits. Some of the features are visible by the naked eye, whereas others can be read with magnifiers or special reading devices. The security features are written into the label using a high-resolution, lithographic laser inscription process, which is a in-house development by the company's R&D team. It is not possible to copy the features using printing or holographic procedures, making them impossible to forge.

The silver-colored labels incorporate visible, semi-visible, and concealed security attributes, some of which are only detectable with magnification or a reading device. Furthermore, the labels are forgery-proof and for years, product piracy has caused substantial damage in numerous industries from two sides at once. On one side, cheap copied products eat into reputable manufacturers' sales revenues, and on the other side, purchasers are harmed by using inferior products. So, well-implemented piracy protection benefits producers and users in equal measure.

Scanlab Markenschutz Galvanometer Scanner 300dpi Web
An example of Scanlab's piracy protection on a galvanometer scanner.

To mitigate such risks, Scanlab now equips all scan systems and galvanometer scanners with forgery-proof security labels. These labels can't be typographically or holographically copied. During servicing, or if customers harbor concerns about system genuineness, they can ask the company for a quick check of their system's authenticity and quality approval. Then, the company will instantly verify genuineness by barcode-scanning the applicable serial number combined with the unique security code.

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