Sherwood Technology makes commitment to U.S. market

September 28--In early 2006 Sherwood Technology will open a new Eastern U.S. headquarters to support existing and new customers and partners in North America

September 28--Sherwood Technology has announced its intention to further expand into the U.S. market in early 2006. The expansion will see the opening of a new Eastern U.S. headquarters, which will support existing and new customers and partners in North America. This follows the success of the company's color change technologies, including DataLase, which reportedly has experienced year on year sales growth of more than 300 percent.

Sherwood has signed numerous DataLase license agreements with major international organizations, two of which are based in North America. Trials and evaluations are now being conducted in a range of U.S. industries, including pharmaceutical, fresh produce, bakery, confectionery, beverage, and snack sectors. This growth has been further influenced by the granting of a U.S. patent in January 2005 for Sherwood's method for laser marking edible products.

The new headquarters will function as a sales office and manufacturing and distribution/warehousing facility offering high levels of service to all U.S.-based customers and license partners. The facility will also house a high-tech applications laboratory to demonstrate the wide range of possibilities for laser marking, enabling current and potential licensees and end users to test the final results of using the technologies to mark products using a variety of lasers. The company is recruiting a vice president and an experienced sales and technical team in order to staff the new facility.

To support the continuing success of the business, Sherwood is also in the process of raising further investment, cornerstoned by existing shareholder and leading U.K. venture capital fund MTI.

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