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Laser marking system

Th 0802ilsproducts01
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The Telesis Xpress 10EV Vanadate laser system from Telesis Technologies (Circleville, OH; provides a high-quality beam featuring a short pulsewidth, high peak power, narrow spot size, and good depth of focus. According to the company, the major benefit of this system is greater flexibility, compared to conventional fiber lasers, when dealing with high-speed, precise marking or machining of high-resolution patterns or curved surfaces. The beam characteristics of this system also provide excellent capabilities for marking heat-sensitive or highly reflective materials such as silicon, metal foils, and plastics. The system is entirely air cooled. Additionally, the pumping diode is located in the controller and coupled by fiber to the resonator and scanning head, creating a robust and compact design that is easy to integrate in to a production environment. The product comes with the company’s Merlin II LS software for pattern generation. Customizable options are also available with the software package.

Diode laser controller

VueMetrix (Sunnyvale, CA; has released the Vue-MV-40 diode laser controller with DiodeGuard. The high-power, low-noise controller is intended for applications that use 15-20 discrete diodes operated in series, including fiber lasers and amplifiers, materials processing, and medical systems. DiodeGuard is the company’s proprietary diode laser protection circuitry.

Laser lens mounting

A service for mounting new CO2 high-power laser lenses into user-supplied focusing lens holders used for Amada and similar lasers is being introduced by Laser Research Optics (Providence, RI; The company assures that the finished assembly will meet pressure requirements. The ZnSe lenses are offered in 1.5- and 2-inch diameters with 3.5- to 12-inch focal lengths, and the holders can be constructed of stainless steel or anodized aluminum. The lenses are optimized for 10.6 microns and include plano-convex and meniscus configurations, which are A/R coated and exhibit <0.2 percent total absorption. Pricing is based on the lens and mount type, size, and quantity.

Process chiller

Laser marking, cutting, and welding are typical industrial processes where the characteristics of the Hyperchill Laser are necessary to obtain the very best performance and to optimize the production process, according to Parker domnick hunter ( This process chiller technology is characterized by a high refrigeration yield for low electrical consumption. Combined with a small footprint, this leads to a compact, space-saving, and energy efficient solution. Chillers are available for internal and external installation and are equipped with microprocessor intelligence providing precise control and automatic function.

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