Telesis Technologies Inc. (Fremont, CA; has announced an enhancement to its E-services line of diode-pumped laser marking systems...

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Green laser marking system
Telesis Technologies Inc. (Fremont, CA; has announced an enhancement to its E-series line of diode-pumped laser marking systems: the new Telesis EV4G green laser system. The system marks and processes difficult materials: colored plastics, acrylic and polymer materials and is positioned for use in the electronics, semiconductor packaging, solar, and medical industries. This fiber-coupled, diode-pumped, solid-state (DPSS) green wavelength laser marking system features optimized laser beam and Q-switched pulse characteristics for applications that require high beam quality and stability. In addition, the EV4G system offers extra power and speed for precision marking, and is a good choice for laser marking, scribing, trimming, and other materials processing applications.

Thin film photovoltaic laser scribing system

Newport Corp. (Irvine, CA; has introduced the SolaryX 420 laser scribing system for thin film photovoltaic process development applications. This tool is a flexible, semi-automated laser system designed for scribing the interconnect patterns of thin-film-on-glass solar panels. It is well suited for process optimization in pilot lines prior to full-scale thin film solar panel production and also for R&D of higher-efficiency cell architectures. It is designed to accept 420mm square glass substrates and is available in single and dual wavelength versions. The system accommodates up to two lasers and can be configured with either 1064nm infrared lasers, 532nm green lasers, or one of each. It can be used to scribe most thin film photovoltaic materials.

Entry-level laser engraving system

Epilog Laser (Golden, CO; has begun shipping the Zing Laser, which features a 25W and 35W laser tube, high-speed micro stepper motors, and feature-packed touch keypad. It has a compact design and is made for small business owners and consumers. The Zing Laser allows for 1000dpi engraving and features Epilog's custom laser dashboard that allows users to print directly from many of the Windows-based software programs they already use. The work area is 16 x 12 in. (406 x 304mm), and Z-stroke holds items up to 4 in. tall (101mm). Other features include red dot pointer, air assist, motorized table, and a 2 in. (51mm) focus lens.

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