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Non-contact laser system

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Measuring just 135 mm × 26 mm × 77 mm, the NC3 from Renishaw Inc. (Hoffman Estates, IL) offers tool setting and tool breakage detection features that meet increasing demands for probing on small machining centers and high-speed cutting machines. According to the company, this version offers all the features of the NC1 with additional benefits of improved repeatability, reduction in air consumption and an improved rapid tool breakage detection cycle.

Tools as small as 0.2mm diameter can be measured anywhere along the laser beam. Set-up is also simplified, as there is no focal point to identify. Advanced techniques to reduce the effects of coolant drips and metal chips have been integrated as standard with this system. These "drip rejection" procedures offer protection from unwanted trigger signals, resulting in greater repeatability and more accurate results for system users.

Off-axis parabolic mirrors

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Metal parabolic reflectors from Edmund Industrial Optics (Barrington, NJ) direct and focus incident collimated light at 30, 60 or 90 degrees off axis. The mirrors are sections of a parabola form, designed to focus the light to a spot that is more accessible to users than an on-axis focal spot. They are typically used as collimators in Schlierien systems, MTF systems and laser beam expanders. The mirrors have diameters of either 25.4 or 50.8 mm and effective focal lengths ranging from about 25 to more than 150mm.

Vertical lift state

The ANT-4V from Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) incorporates high-performance features such as 50mm/second speed, 2mm resolution, superior in-position stability and accuracy of 200 mm. According to the company, the product uses direct-drive technology that offers the robust, accurate and high-speed positioning necessary for mass production of precision devices.

Lens mount

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The Lens Savers Division of International Crystal Laboratories (Garfield, NJ) offers protective windows and lens mounts that enable the use of Lens Savers protective windows in Mazak Superturbo lasers that have auto focus adapters. The mount consists of two parts that replace the Mazak OEM lens holder and OEM guide to accommodate the Lens Savers protective window. They are available with 5- or 7.5-inch focal lengths.

Pulse energy heads

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A new generation of high-performance enhanced PE25 and PE50 pyroelectric heads from Ophir Optronics Inc. (Danvers, MA) are used to make pulse energy measurements of lasers. The products offer maximum pulse rate limits to 4000 Hz. The linearity specification has been improved from 2 percent to 1 percent. In addition, the thicknesses of the pyroelectric heads have been reduced to 24 mm from the previous 33mm design. The lower-limit energy measurement range is reduced from 40 microJoules to 15 microJoules.

Laser sensor literature

A brochure entitled "Laser Measurements for the Rubber and Tire Industry," from LMI Selcom (Southfield, MI), discusses various applications and sensor solutions that are possible when dealing with rubber products. The sensors are capable of examining thickness and profile measurement applications such as web and sheet calendars, die design and tire tread extrusions.

Clean air booth

Combining simple modular design with innovative air cleaning technology, the Clean Air Booth from Micro Air Clean Air Systems (Wichita, KS) enables customizable size and configuration, includes the Roto-Pulse cartridge cleaning system and offers quiet operation, high CFM, an optional regain air system, heavy-duty components, expert distributor service and factory technical support. The walls and ceilings are constructed from 2- × 4-foot galvanized panels. Custom booths are available.

High-voltage power supply

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The PowerMod high-voltage power supply from Diversified Technologies Inc. (Bedford, MA) features 200 kHz switching speeds with less than one percent voltage regulation, less than 0.1 percent ripple and maintains regulation when the load is changing. Capable of operating in constant voltage mode, constant current mode or constant power mode, this solid-state switching power supply is offered in 30kW and 40kW 19-inch rackmount units.

Nitrogen gas generator

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Users can eliminate dangerous, costly, inconvenient nitrogen gas cylinders and Dewars using the compact Balston Nitrogen Gas Generation System from Parker Hannifin Corp. (Tewksbury, MA). The system produces up to 740 SCFH of compressed nitrogen on-site at purities of 99.5 percent and 3200 SCFH at 95 percent purity. The system utilizes proprietary membrane separation technology. Standard features include high-efficiency coalescing prefilters with automatic drains, an activated carbon filter and a 0.01-micron membrane final filter.

Cutting system

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The STX-44 laser cutting system from Mazak Nissho Iwai (Schaumburg, IL) offers a choice of three resonators— 1500, 2500 or 4000 watts—enabling fabricators to choose the resonator power most efficient for their business. The unit's Meehanite frame minimizes the vibrations that occur with high-speed cutting, providing continuous superior accuracy with low maintenance. A completely enclosed cutting area with an improved dust collector meets FDA Class 1 safety standards.

Optical fiber

Optran Plus is a new line of high NA silica/silica optical fiber from CeramOptic Industries (East Longmeadow, MA). Performance is specified as from 160 to 1200 nm for Optran Plus UV and from 350 to 2500 nm for Optran Plus WF. Core sizes for stock fibers range from 100 to 600 microns. Custom sizes are available as well as custom-designed bundles and ferrules.

Patterning system

Utilizing patented and patent-pending high-power DPSS UV beam wavefront enhancing and scanning optics, the VectorLinx platform from NanoVia LP (Londonderry, NH) is capable of patterning thin polymer and metal films on glass and silicon substrates to create display devices used in handheld PDAs and mobile telephones. The optical system can process material within a vacuum environment and is offered with added dynamic controls for surface topography following and integrated micro-viewing of various transparent films using a company-designed interference-based microscope imaging system.

Marking software

WinLase 3.0 laser marking software from Alase Technologies (Pepperell, MA) features a built-in COM automation server for remote control operation of laser marking equipment. The software also combines the reliability of Windows NT/2000/XP with an xy/2 protocol (scan head communication) for stable, real-time control. A set of marking tools can mark any TrueType font, many common barcodes, DataMatrix and graphics files, including BMP, JPG, WMF and DXF.

Optics catalog

The Fall 2002 catalog from Edmund Industrial Optics (Barrington, NJ) features 280 new components, including calcium fluoride, germanium and magnesium fluoride optics, laser mirrors, off-axis parabolic mirrors, precision zoom and motorized lenses, IEEE 1394 cameras, new resolution and depth-of-field targets and violet and blue laser diode modules. This updated version has extensive information and dozens of improvements in design.

Application guide

A full-color application guide introduces the full line of products available from Micro Air Clean Air Systems (Wichita, KS). Covering the company's full line of dust collectors, mist collectors and air cleaners, the guide also has detailed information on the use of source capture versus ambient collection equipment, which types of equipment can be used for more than one application and sample installation photographs.

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