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compiled by Laureen Belleville,

Tile/stone/granite marker
The LP8000-T CO2 laser system from Worldwide Laser (Gilbert, AZ; is designed for marking tile, granite, marble, floors, shower pans, countertops, back splashes, and other surfaces where decorative marking and design is required or desired. It can be configured with several different laser systems from 10 to 100 watts and is air cooled. For marking large areas, the LP8000-T1 has the laser suspended on a frame and moved around the marking area via an X-Y table. The frame is rigid, reinforced steel and mounted on suction cups to eliminate vibration. The LP8000-T2 is designed for marking smaller tiles or area of marble and granite. In this system an X-Y table is mounted under the laser and the tile, granite, marble, or other material to be marked is placed on the table and moved under the laser beam. Under any configuration, the laser controller software can import many different types of raster and vector based artwork. The system is run from a handheld or desk-mounted controller and has air or gas assist to help keep the optics clean and assure mark quality.

Cable carrier

The E-Z v Whip Hose and Cable Carrier System from Robolase Solutions LLC (Hendersonville, NC; protects 2D and 3D automation hoses and cables, reportedly reducing component costs by up to 50 percent. Hoses or cables from very small to 0.875-inch O.D. are individually located and secured in the vertebrae components, which are available with six, eight, or twelve V-shaped notches to hold the appropriate number of hoses and cables. The spine is designed to withstand 400,000 linear directions. A common system can be integrated into applications including laser processing, metal fabrication, material removal, spot and arc welding, material handling, and more.

Beam profiler

New from Photon Inc. (San Jose, CA;, the ModeScan Model 1780 beam profiling system measures M2 beam propagation ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters in real time at a rate over 20 Hz. It analyzes continuous wave, pulsed, and single-shot lasers over the wavelength range of from 250 to 1100 nm. The system measures 62 x 140 x 210 mm with an IEEE 1394 FireWire interface.

Micromachining laser

Th 0706ilsproducts01
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The Avia 266-3 from Coherent (Santa Clara, CA; is a second-generation deep-ultraviolet laser. According to the company, lifetime of the consumable crystal has been increased by 25 percent to 40,000 hours. The laser, which is now backed by a 24-month warranty, provides more than 3 watts of Q-switched output at 266 nm and pulse repetition rates as high as 100 kHz. The product is intended for micromachining applications for a range of materials used in microelectronics and other industries.

Higher-power diode

The IMO50-C10x10-DL980 from Limo (Dortmund, Germany; emits 50W output power. Its beam size is 10 x 10 mm with a typical divergence of 2 x 2 mrad. The low beam parameter product of 5 mm mrad yields power densities of 10 MW/cm2 in a 25µm spot. It is used in various industrial applications, including micro-materials processing. The new laser operates with thermoelectric cooling or simple tap water cooling.

Pump source

The LU0940C1000 high-power pump diode laser source that has 1 kW of optical output power from Lumics (Berlin, Germany; is based on multiple single-emitter diode laser modules. The 19-inch rack-mount unit is offered with a water-cooling system and driver electronics. The output power is delivered from optical fibers and can be customized into fiber bundles or pump combiners. The pump laser source is available at 915-, 940-, 960-, and 975nm wavelengths. It is designed for industrial laser applications as a pump source or a direct diode application in materials processing.

Engraving machine

A multitasking mechanical and laser engraving center from Cielle (Pero de breda di Piave, Italy;, the 60x50 Gamma Dualtech will produce engraved features in hot forging/stamping tools adding and finishing characters, logos, and small graphics. The system has a 10.5kW machine spindle working at 0-30,000 rev/min and a 200W Nd:YAG laser. A 3-axis marking head ensures correct focusing on the entire work surface (up to 200mm x 200mm).

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