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Stencil laser

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A high-performance stencil laser with a high-resolution scanner, the MicroCutII from LPKF Laser & Electronics (Wilsonville, OR) is capable of cutting any shape, including square apertures with rounded corners, at up to 50,000 apertures per hour. This translates to a cutting speed of 11 openings per second. The system also boasts an aperture resolution of 12.5 nm. The laser can cut apertures as small as 30 µm, and its effective material focus diameter of 20 µm produces sharp contours. The stencil laser features the company's PulseShape technology, which reportedly eliminates the heat affect that causes coining or warpage of high-density and thin stencils. As a result, no external coolant is required. The system also incorporates new technology that avoids burrs at exiting edges, so no post treatment is necessary. Circle 53 at

Tube cutting system

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New from U.S. Laser Corporation (Wyckoff, NJ) are turnkey three- and four-axis cutting systems, including stent cutting systems. The short-pulsed Nd:YAG laser (303-5TSP and 303-50MSP) delivers high brightness for superior drilling and cutting results with little or no dross. Other features include TEM00 or low order multimode with exceptional beam quality and kerf width less than 25 µm, a touch-screen controller to provide ease of programming and profile storage and real-time power monitoring for process control. The system is available with conventional or fiber-optic beam delivery. Circle 54 at

Jewelry marking system

The Stellar Mark I-Series compact marking system from LaserPro (Walnut, CA) offers the benefits of non-contact, abrasion-resistant, permanent laser marking onto almost any type of material, including gold, silver, brass, platinum, stainless steel, aluminum and titanium as well as a variety of plastics. The diode-pumped solid-state laser enables engraving micro-images, such as hallmarks, brand names, company logos, portraits, inscriptions and other information on surfaces of jewelry artworks. The system offers up to 1000 dpi resolution. Circle 55 at

Microscopy camera

A real-time, full-color, all-in-focus digital microscopy camera, the FocusScope FV-100C from Photron USA Inc. (San Diego, CA) combines high-speed image processing with piezoelectric technology. The light-sensitive CMOS imager operates at 1000 fps. The objective lens on the microscope moves up and down at 15 Hz, while the imager captures 1000 frames. Each picture is scanned in real time by the dedicated image analysis hardware to identify the sharply focused pixels contained in each frame. The selected in-focus pixels are overlaid and reconstructed to form 30 all-in-focus images per second. Circle 56 at

Laser with storage tower link

The Axel-LT system from Strippit/LVD (Akron, NY) comprises a high-performance CO2 laser machine with integrated material loading and unloading linked to a warehouse featuring one or more material storage units. Material enters the warehouse through a de-palletizing station that facilitates the removal of steel banding and other shipping materials. After the material type, thickness and size are entered into the tower administrator, the material is automatically conveyed to an elevator, which places the material into the tower. Each tower unit has storage capacity of 12 to 14 pallets capable of holding 6000 pounds of sheet material 1.5 x 3 meters in size. The system features the company's WinExecuter software, which manages both the laser and warehouse. Circle 57 at


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The ODD-5W (5mm2) silicon PIN photodiodes from Opto Diode Corp. (Newbury Park, CA) have responsivity from 400 nm to 1100 nm, exhibit low dark current, low capacitance, and feature a 2.52mm active area diameter, according to the company. Storage and operating temperature ranges from -55 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius. Enter 58 at

Steel spline shaft

Steel spline shafts from Kerk Motion Products (Hollis, NH) are designed for heavier side loads and applications with rough handling. According to the manufacturer, the products are well suited for material handling, medical sampling and dispensing, assembly machinery, and positioning systems for semiconductor process tools. The assembly consists of a surface-hardened steel spline shaft treated with the company's low-friction TFE coating, coupled with a graphite and PTFE-filled thermoplastic bushing, which is manufactured with an integral brass collar to facilitate mounting configurations without nut distortion. Enter 59 at

Compact marker

A fully self-contained diode-pumped laser marker, the EasyMark from Rofin-Baasel Inc. (Boxborough, MA) is designed for metal or polymer marking applications having smaller dimensions with low to moderate volume and a small installation footprint. The system incorporates the company's technology, which enables marking program files and laser control files to be downloaded directly from the user's laptop or desktop computer. In its standard form, the system is a Class I fully laser-safe product. Enter 60 at

Cutting software upgrade

Bysoft version 6.5 from Bystronic Inc. (Hauppauge, NY) is available for users of the company's laser cutting systems. The specially developed, modular user software supports laser cutting, waterjet cutting, and bending production technologies. Highlights include direct, easy import of DXF, DWG, and IGES file formats; faster programming with single or batch file conversions; automatic assignment of CAM technologies depending on features and much more. An expanded list of features within version 6.5 can be obtained from the Bystronic Applications/Training Department. Enter 61 at

Compact UV laser

The DC Series diode-pumped UV lasers from Photonics Industries International Inc. (Bohemia, NY) offer a compact, air-cooled system with typical power consumption less than 100 W and output power from 100 mW to greater than 1 W at 355 nm. Applications include micro-marking, semiconductor processing, interferometry, and holography as well as replacement of Nitrogen and HeCd lasers. The series is available with Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF, and/or Nd:YVO4 platforms, depending on application. Enter 62 at

Nd:YAG marker

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Trotec Laser Inc. (Ypsilanti, MI) offers the FineMarker, an Nd:YAG laser system with an active working area of 29 x 17 inches, which permits marking of multiple parts in one setup or in multiple locations on large surfaces. The are intended for marking on plastic by inducing a color change, direct marking on a range of metals, and for the removal of surface coatings. The design incorporates an end-pumped diode Nd:YAG laser. The system is fully enclosed in a Class 2M design with double security for protection of the operator. Also included is AD-Logic Job Manager software. Enter 63 at

Automation brochure

The brochure "Automation Solutions for Electronic Manufacturing, Test and Inspection, and Data Storage," from Aerotech Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA), presents the company's motion control and positioning systems and component solutions for these applications. Topics include tools for electronic assembly, pick and place, PCB laser drilling and stencil cutting, wafer singulation, automated optical inspection, nondestructive testing, data storage, and head gimbal/stack assembly. Enter 64 at

Cold plate capability

Lytron (Woburn, MA) offers a high-performance, vacuum braded, cold plate capability based on its aluminum extended surface technology. The cold plate consists of the company's extended surface cold plate material, a micro-channel aluminum extrusion, sandwiched between lightweight aluminum sheets. It is joined together using vacuum brazing techniques. According to the company, the cold plate can be exactly matched to a user's thermal requirements by appropriate positioning of the cooling channels. It can be supplied with flat surfaces, or it can be configured for localized cooling. Enter 65 at

Stencil cutting system

Using Laser-Microjet technology, the LSS from Synova (Ecublens, Switzerland) cuts from 1 to 20 holes per second without any heat damage, burrs or oxidation. Working areas up to 900mm x 120mm are available, and a second laser head may be added, thereby doubling throughput. According to the company, the system offers high mechanical precision (below ±5 microns), a 2.5-ton granite structure, low running costs, a fast and precise fixation of stencil and a reliable laser source. Enter 66 at

Coherence correlation interferometer

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The Talysurf CCI 3000A from Taylor Hobson (Rolling Meadows, IL) combines the surface imaging quality of a microscope with the high-accuracy measuring capability of a surface profiler. Reportedly, the result is precise 3D surface texture, step-height and micro-dimensional measurements that are available to users in seconds. The instrument can analyze polished, rough, specular or scattered components having between 0.3 percent and 100 percent reflectivity as well as a range of materials, including glass, metal, photoresist, polymer, liquid inks and pastes. Enter 67 at

Photonics tools

New Focus Inc. (San Jose, CA) is releasing a number of new products, including products used to improve overlay control, inspect lithographic lenses and provide precise control and alignment of laser beams for both illumination and inspection. For example, the company's optical phase modulators and lasers are being used to eliminate unwanted interference effects in phase-grating alignment systems, enabling users to achieve nanometer levels of overlay accuracy and repeatability. Other products include high-resolution linear Picometer linear actuators and controllers, low-scatter custom optical filters, electro-optic modulators and more. Enter 68 at

Laser welding absorbents

The near-IR absorbents used in Gentex Corp.'s (Carbondale, PA) Clearweld process for laser welding plastics have been shown to meet the requirements of USP Class VI testing, according to the company. The biological reactivity tests were conducted by NAMSA, an independent testing organization serving the healthcare industry. The results provide medical device manufacturers with the confidence that the absorbents will not be a barrier to obtaining FDA approval. The Clearweld process employs specialty coatings and resins to provide unique color and design flexibility in laser welding clear and opaque plastics. Enter 69 at

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